8 Signs that You Drive Others out of Their Sanity

By:Ariba Khaliq, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Apr 25, 2014

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Here are eight warning signs that you might be pushing your people to the limits of their sanity.
  • 1

    Do People Want to Give You a High Five... on Your Face... with a Brick?

    Have you ever wondered if other people think you're annoying? Most of the time, an annoying person doesn't realize how his or her behaviour is perceived by others. If you suspect that your behaviour is annoying to others, then you need to learn to avoid the little things that often get on people's nerves. If it bothers you, it probably bothers others around you. Here are eight warning signs that you might be pushing your people to the limits of their sanity. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


  • 2

    You’re Too Intrusive

    Everybody has boundaries - you need to learn what they are and try to avoid crossing them. Boundaries vary widely from culture to culture and even from individual to individual. Do not go around poking people constantly. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


  • 3

    You Assign Work at the Last Minute

    There will always be projects that pop up at the last minute, but don't be the manager or the co-worker who sits on something and doesn't assign it until late in the game. You'll come across as inconsiderate and disorganized. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


  • 4

    You’re Always over the Top

    Just because you're confident doesn't mean you have to act like you're better than anyone else. Don't do or say things that might let you appear to be arrogant, like bragging about your wealth or success. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


  • 5

    You Like to Chat... a Lot

    Even when other people are on deadline or have something else to do? This trait can be hard to see in yourself, so think about how much talking you do in the average conversation compared to how much the other person does. And remember that just because you happen to have time to talk, it doesn't mean that other people do. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


  • 6

    You’re too Immersed... into Yourself

    Be aware if you are standing in doorways while having a conversation, standing in the middle of an area where people are trying to walk like in stores, malls, or the airport. Also, do not loudly sing or play music which others are likely to find irritating. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


  • 7

    You Back-bite

    Haw! If you've ever discovered that a co-worker was complaining to others about something you did but didn't bother to talk to you about it directly, you know how frustrating this can be. Don’t do unto others what you don’t want them to do unto you! Image Courtesy: Getty Images


  • 8

    You Have Loud “Manners”

    For the love of God, please don’t peek down people's shirts for instance, don't pass gas, and don’t talk about biological functions in public. Cover your nose and mouth with your elbow when you sneeze or cough. Take care to brush and/or floss after meals so as not to inflict your breath on others. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


  • 9

    You Think You Know-it-all

    Most people dislike arguing. Simply state that you disagree and refrain from setting yourself up as an expert on the subject. Never force someone into a debate. If someone tells you that they would rather not discuss a topic, drop it. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


  • 10

    You Interrupt Other People’s Conversations

    If you answer questions that were addressed to other people, and if you don't believe there's any such thing as a private conversation at work, you might be the office interrupter. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


  • 11

    You Don’t Pull Your Own Weight

    If your co-workers are hard at work but you're playing online or planning your wedding or just happily taking leaves, you might be known as the office slacker. Slacking off won't just alienate your co-workers in the short-term; it will also ruin your reputation, references, and promotion potential in the long term. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

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