7 Ways to Rediscover Your Missing Positive Emotions

By:Ariba Khaliq, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Dec 06, 2014

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Life often brings forth tasteless emotions which suck out our energy to feel happy and positive. Positive emotions are triggered by the interpretations of our current circumstances; learn exactly how to do it and rediscover your missing positive emotions.
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    Life is Far From Perfect

    You've cooked some great food that turns out well. You spontaneously start feeling as good as that food looks. As that feeling of happiness begins to surface, you hear a negative voice in your head saying, “Don't be an idiot. It’s just food.”Life doesn’t always give you perfect moments, okay it rarely gives you those, yet there are still so many things to feel great about. Why don't we do that more of the time? Why do some of us avoid our positive emotions as if they were some sort of an illness? Negative psychological bonds are the best explanation you could ever hear of. Yet, there’s no reason we can’t skip over the ‘why’ and get right to the ways we can bring back the feel-good into our life.

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    Balancing the Feelings

    Negative emotions are necessary for us to grow, and so are positive emotions. While the former are heavy and influential, the latter are by nature elusive and fading. The secret to be happy is not to deny the briefness of positive emotions, but to find ways to increase their amount. Instead of trying to eliminate negativity, balance negative feelings with positive ones.

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    The Definition of Positive Emotions

    There is a whole range of positive emotions, from amusement to awe to interest to gratitude to inspiration. They all have something in common- that they are reactions to your present conditions. They aren’t a lasting state; they’re emotions that come and go. This holds true for all emotions, but positive emotions tend to be more momentaneous. They are also a kind of “wantable” states. Not only do they feel good, but we want to feel them. Some people might believe it feels good to be angry, and anger can sometimes be fruitful, but people don’t want to feel angry. Positive emotions have a kind of tempting sparkle on them. All you have to do is to rearrange your day to get more of those glittering moments.

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    Recognise Chances to Feel Great

    If you find it tough to feel good, Find an opportunity and consciously take it. Don't just feign that you have a reason. Find one in the real world and make it super easy on yourself. For example, if you have to do the dishes, realise that after you do the dishes, you are going to take a deep, relaxing breath and will be very pleased. Congratulate yourself for doing it. Doing what we need to do every day takes vigour and dedication. We give ourselves credit which is a positive emotion.

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    Become more Intentional and Considerate

    Break the shackles of your non-self awareness state and realize that you are deliberately talking yourself out of feeling good. Become conscious of the negative voices in your head, and instead of fighting them, just express gratitude them for whatever they are concerned about and softly ask for that good feeling to return. You might need some practice, but it can work for you. When you understand that you are forcing positive emotions away, it is easier to stop doing that. If the negative emotions are persistent, it’s an obstruction to deal with, that's all. Learn to tackle them.

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    Find Your Vitality

    Almost all of us have at least one thing that makes us feel good, without any internal rebound. Often, it's an activity that requires such focus that we don't have the internal room to complain about ourselves. You could call you vitality activity. If you don't have one, find one! It has to be an activity that you enjoy, and that requires all of your attention. It could be cycling, cooking, gardening, reading, painting, talking, watching your favourite film, running, travelling and so on.

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    Plunge yourself

    There are two ways to experience anything. One is to feel it and the other one is to take an observer’s perspective.  Both these ways have their benefits and drawbacks. When it comes to positive experiences, you'll want to immerse yourself in them in order to relish them. Observing yourself having a good time will only leave you feeling unplugged. A lot of people learn early on to disconnect and watch their life go by. This can serve to avoid feeling the pain of life, but it also means that you are avoiding the pleasure.

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    Learn to Accept Compliments

    You can reject a compliment two ways- on the outside or on the inside. Of course, you can do both. So, when someone tells you that you did a great job at something, your outside rejection would say "Oh, thanks but not really. I barely got by." If you do an inside rejection, you might graciously accept the compliment, but rag yourself internally by thinking like, "Boy were they fooled. If they only knew how incompetent I am." Practice giving people credit for having a high opinion of you. Tell yourself, "I just got a compliment that seems sincere. Let it in."

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