7 Ways to Connect With Your Higher Self

By:Ariba Khaliq, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Dec 03, 2014

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A disconnection from life makes people change directions over and over without pondering over possible repercussions. Aligning with your Higher Self through the wisdom of your body, can empower you and make your life easy.
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    What is Your Higher Self?

    Most people in the world today are running blindly, randomly seeking their subtle Higher Self and purpose with thwarting levels that border on insanity. Your Higher Self is the spirit part that is said to lodge in the Ether (the non-physical realm). It helps you to keep on track with your life’s purpose and keep in touch with your passion and joy. Your Higher Self is like an awareness that offers its wisdom and directions about where to go next. Your Higher Self is not ‘out there’ in the Ether; it is you, your consciousness, in your body. Connecting to your Higher Self means living your Spirit, which can give you more joy, happiness, peace and abundance. Here are 7 ways to connect with your Higher Self.

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    Pardon yourself and others for past mistake; don’t hold onto them. It’s not necessary to “forgive and forget” if you can’t. You can still acknowledge that you or a loved one did something wrong, but at the same time, you can be forgiving. Non-forgiveness binds you energetically to the other person and your lower self/ego.

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    7-Day Evaluation

    Whenever you carry out a bad habit or experience a negative energy, such as anger, doubt, fear, worry, discouragement, resentment etc, write them down. After a 7-day evaluation, list the habits and momentum you consider as worst. Then pursue and overcome them. Awareness begins the undoing - intention, determination and focus continues the dissolving of bad habits and negative momentum.

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    Identify and Eliminate Limiting Beliefs

    We can be a lot, but some limiting, false beliefs that we pick along the way prevent us from being all that. Those beliefs can even cause pain and suffering. Decide to keep an open mind and recognise the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from fully connecting with your Higher Self. Realise that false beliefs restrain you from experiencing all the goodness of life, as well as add to your suffering and a sense of struggle in life. Determine to let them go!

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    Construct Positive Momentum

    Building-up positive momentum and maintaining it is crucial on the spiritual path and can help you connect more fully with your Higher Self. Each day, focus on one positive impulse you would like to work on and commit to incorporating it throughout the day. It could be about keeping your harmony, being more joyful, helping others, etc.

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    Be Grateful

    Going through your routine, regularly convey your thankfulness for everything you can think of - the wonderful day, the beautiful flowers, the sunshine, your spouse, the smile on your child's face, your family's health, and so on. Let appreciation fill your heart and you'll be stormed to see what a difference you will feel. Gratefulness opens the threshold to your Higher Self.

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    Stay Neutral

    Neutral or impersonal is a powerful state of emotional balance and inner quiet and peace. It is a place of balance where you are more able to approach the wisdom of your Higher Self. Learn to stay neutral and become non-reactive to situations. Being neutral is not a state of not feeling anything, but rather a state where you are in balance with your emotional reactions. You neither react negatively nor become too excited.

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    Meditation is a requisite on the spiritual path. If you want to connect with your Higher Self, you must be able to calm your mind through meditation. Through that inner tranquillity, you can learn to listen to the "still, small voice within" of your Higher Self. Meditation is a key which can open the door to higher perception, opening the doors to perfect wisdom. By quieting the mind and concentrating your attention, you will allow your innate inner wisdom to come into awareness.

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