7 Tips to Increase Positive Vibes in Your Home

By:Ariba Khaliq, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Feb 16, 2015

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Increase the good vibes in your home with these seven easy tips that enhance the positive energy of your home and cleanse off the negativity.
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    Feel Alive with Positive Vibes in Your Home

    Whether you are moving into a new home or just updating your current space, consider setting up your place to attract more positive energy. It is your choice of furnishings, accessories and their placement that can have a huge impact on the energy within your home. Your home is your refuge where you feel nurtured, energized and fulfilled. An ancient Chinese practice known as feng shui digs into the arrangement of your home in order to bring in good “Chi” or energy into your space. Here are seven ways to consider for bringing positive energy into your home.

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    When you have a clear space, you have a clear mind. Arrange everything in order by designating a  place to everything in your home. When there’s no specific space for the items loitering around, they just end up getting piled up. Less clutter means less overwhelm! You don’t want your mind to be any busier than it already is. Create a sense of calm in your home instead. Throw out worthless things, and do it often. This keeps the air smelling and feeling fresh! If you ever find yourself feeling overwhelmed and stagnant, taking out the trash can help bring some quick relief.

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    Go Green

    Keep live plants in your home to make it a livelier place. The more plants you welcome into our space, the more inviting it is to your guests. A bright and beautiful splash of green displays a place as thriving and full of life. This brings in another point. Be sure to remove those dead plants that are dried up and collecting dust. There’s no room for them in this high vibe and fresh space. You only need fresh and vibrant energy. And oh, the oxygen from those plants is purifying too.

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    Open Up

    The most cost-effective idea of the all! Simply remove the barrier between you and the Mother Nature. Open the windows, the first thing in the morning. Take some time out to listen to the morning choir of the sparrows that come by your window sills.  Switch off your TV for a while and ask your family members about their lives. If you all have a difficult schedule to follow, at least fix a day to have dinner together. The conversation will generate trust and positive energy that will reflect in the environment too.

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    Smell Good

    Fragrance plays a vital part to attract good vibes. The rich aroma fills the atmosphere up with soothing and pleasant fragrance that helps you to take your mind off the daily stress and stay focused. Burning incense is another lovely way to purify your home, and fill it with a delicious scent to soothe the mind. Try sandalwood, amber and frankincense. Always be sure to buy all natural, hand rolled incense. Never buy anything that smells “perfumey” or artificial, this will only pump chemicals and bad vibes into the home. Keep it pure and buy the good stuff.

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    Flower it Up

    Bringing fresh flowers home to fill the house is so lovely.  It adds a beautiful splash of colour to brighten the room, and if they’re aromatic, you’ll be sniffing them in all day, too. Pretty flowers, fresh vibe, these make a welcoming home.

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    Play with Colours

    Like your dressing style, your home needs colour code too.  Move over the monochromes and do not hesitate to experiment with organic wall décor paints.  If you do not want to spend on renovation, you can always opt for wall stickers and wall papers that are pocket-friendly and DIYs. Here is a quick rundown just to get an idea: Reds- are great for romance and action, but too much can invite anger. Oranges- suggest warmth and enthusiasm, but too much can cause restlessness. Yellows- invite joy and inspiration, but too much can cause feelings of uncertainty. Greens- are healing and nurturing, but overdoing green can induce laziness. Blues- are calming and peaceful, but too much blue (particularly deep blue or indigo) can attract depressive energy.

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    Listen to Vedic Mantras

    The vibrations of these ancient Vedic sounds will enhance the energy in your home and heart. Let these sounds fill your home with their energy of bliss, allow yourself to sink into it.  These mantras help enhance mood, energy and vibrations. You can find audio or video recordings of these mantras online. You don’t have to know their words or understand their meanings; the vibrations do the work on their own.

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