7 Memory Killers you must be wary of

By:Himanshu Sharma, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Nov 05, 2014

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Everybody must take care of their memories for you cannot relive them. Being aware of a few memory killers is one way to ensure that your favourite memories never get forgotten.
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    What’s Killing Your Memory?

    Life is worth remembering; however, nobody is gifted with a brain power to remember everything. Don’t let memories fade. Bob Dylan puts it in the best words – "Take care of all your memories. For you cannot relive them.” Being aware of a few memory killers is one way to ensure that your favourite memories never get forgotten. (Image source:Gettyimages.in)

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    World Wide Web

    We're all living in the internet age where everything is just a click away. Whenever we need to know about anything, we turn to Google. Technology, internet and search engines have made our life quite easy but are taking away our memory. (Image source:Gettyimages.in)

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    “Smoking is injurious to health” is a common quote found almost everywhere, but do you know it is also a memory killer. Several studies have found that smoking diminishes memory and general cognitive ability over time. Many of you may have heard that ‘nicotine can improve memory’ but there is no conclusive evidence to back that claim. (Image source:Gettyimages.in)

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    Binge Drinking

    Heavy drinking can lead to acute memory loss, also referred to as blacking out, in which one can barely remember the night’s events. Similarly, the habit of drinking can take a toll on your memory. (Image source:Gettyimages.in)

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    Sugary Treats

    Sugar addiction has many health risks. Too much of sugar is often blamed for a broadening waistline, but not for interfering with brain function. It can disturb the balance in secretion of neurotransmitters. Long-term consumption of sugar can create many neurological problems, all of which are related to bad memory. (Image source:Gettyimages.in)

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    Stressful Events

    When some stressful or shocking event happens, the mind may grab hold of the memory which can lead to memory repression. The effects of stress on memory can interfere with a person's capacity to encode memory and recall things. (Image source:Gettyimages.in)

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    Just like your body needs fuel, your brain too needs enough fuel in its tank. Short on fuel means short on brain power. This is the reason for the dense and foggy feeling we have when we're overtired or overly hungry. (Image source:Gettyimages.in)

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    Junk Food

    A study at the University of Montreal claimed that junk food can change the chemicals in the brains, thus leading to symptoms associated with depression and anxiety. As stress affects the cognitive function, the learning capacity and memory may also suffer. (Image source:Gettyimages.in)

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