7 Marriage Mistakes Men often Commit

By:Vasudha Bhat, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Dec 22, 2014

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Your wife can be your best companion through every thick and thin. But if you don’t stop being a typical man, your marriage may be sent to ruins. Here are few marriage mistakes which almost every man commits. Know about them so that you can stop yourself from committing hurtful mistakes.
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    Stop Being a Typical Man!

    Men can commit serious mistakes when it comes to handling their relationship. As a matter of fact, if you are a typical man, you are most likely to make several of those mistakes and that too very often. To understand this more clearly you can ask your partner. There are very high chances that while committing these subtle wrongs you may not realize that how it has effected your partner. Changing these habits might not make much of a difference in your life but, fortunately your spouse will become the happiest soul on the planet and that is for sure. However, if you wish to continue to carry on with these mistakes you must prepare yourself for the worst for your marriage. Here is a list of such blunders which may be sabotaging your relationship.

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    Not Expressing Empathy

    It is believed that the ability to empathize with your partner and recognizing their feelings plays a crucial role in a relationship. Generally, women are good at performing this act of empathy more efficiently and frequently than men. Typical men are always in a habit of entering the ``fix-the-problem’’ mode, which is a big mistake. If you are intently listening to her issues she is already half way through the battle. Not doing so is what makes a woman feel that her man is ignoring her. Listen to her feelings instead of talking rationally about facts.

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    Spending Carelessly

    Making big expenditures without consulting your wife can leave her sulking and can cause damages to the relationship which are beyond measures and repair and unfortunately, men tend to commit this mistake a lot. To overcome this mistake you must make yourself realize that nobody can lead a relationship. It has to be shared and so must be the decisions related to it. When you start taking charge of everything, it can make your wife feel unwanted leading to endless fights.

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    Withdrawal of Love

    It is a common mistake men make. When they find that their partner is unable to live up to their expectations, they knowingly or unknowingly start withdrawing their love. But, this isn’t helping you. Not a bit. Marriage is a relationship that is based on acceptance. If you are judging your wife with the kind of food she has prepared for you in dinner, there has to be something wrong with you. However, if issues are bigger than that you must sit down and talk. Withdrawing your love for your wife gives you no solution.

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    Hiding Money Matter

    As mentioned previously, men tend to make big expenditures without consulting their wife. However, what can make this mistake gruesome for the relationship is hiding those financial facts. When a person takes control of all the financial decisions they automatically become powerful and when you hide those facts, it can sabotage the relationship tremendously. Understand that when you are married to a person, keeping things under cover would not last for long. Eventually they would know things and that moment can change the relationship forever.

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    Behaving Eccentric in Bedroom

    It happens often that men forget that their wives need a lot more than what they actually get in the bedroom. It is a common assumption that while men enjoy sex, women only provide it. Thus, this notion never lets men share sex as a joyful experience. Discussing about their requirements is equally important and sex being such a personal topic, not talking about it can lead to misunderstandings. Ask your wife what does she think about your intimate moments and how can you improve your weak points.

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    Comparing her to your Mother

    Comparing a female with another is a sin, even if it is with your mother. From cooking to cleaning, your mother must have done everything for you. But expecting the same from your wife is wrong on your part. Firstly, every husband and wife should be self-responsible. Secondly, you could ask your wife for help you without conveying her the wrong message that she is no where even close to your mother in doing things for you.

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    You Ignore Changes that she has Brought to Your Life

    A woman can travel distances to bring about a change in your life and the best part is she would do it happily. But, what can hurt the most is not showing gratitude towards her efforts. You must realize that she has invested her time and effort into bringing about a change in your life, a change which you could have never accomplished alone. You can get promotions, financial appraisals and much more but what importance does it hold if you had no one to support you in your tough times.

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