7 Lesser-known hacks for bigger biceps and chest

By:Himanshu Sharma, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Jun 12, 2015

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Every fitness enthusiast desires for bulging biceps and ripped chest. Try these exercises to help your chest and biceps grow!
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    Fitness hacks to get bigger biceps and chest

    Most men want to own bigger biceps and a chiselled chest because they are the most impressive assets on a man’s body, or so they have been told. So, arm up your sleeve with these fitness hacks to build stronger chest and bigger biceps.

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    Weights’ volume

    The more you lift, the more will be your muscle growth. Make it a point to gradually walk your volume up over time. If you increase the volume every second day, you will risk injury.

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    Variations and angles

    Most exercises have variations. When training your arms and chest, try various angles to stimulate different parts of the muscle groups.

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    Similar to how you increase a weights’ volume, you can also increase the number of reps to stimulate faster muscle growth. Trying supersets for bicep and chest routines can make your training more effective.

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    Blood flow restriction

    Blood flow restriction training requires you to use knee wraps high up on the arms. It restricts blood flow to the muscle, which forces blood to pool in the muscle to pump them up. This is a way of tricking your body to use large fast twitch muscle fibres for substantial gain.

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    Compound exercises

    Free weight compound exercise is one of the best fitness hacks to build strong chest that many are not aware of. Deadlift, bench press and overhead press can increase your chest size significantly.

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    Don’t forget to train your legs

    Training your lower body will release muscle-building hormones such as testosterone and growth hormone and thereby, help your chest and biceps to grow.

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    Eat more

    Besides exercises to get bigger biceps and chest, right nutrition is key for sizeable gains. When you up the intensity of your exercise, you must also eat accordingly. Make this your nutrition protocol.


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