7 Health benefits of going barefoot outside

By:Arka Roy Chowdhury, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Jul 05, 2014

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M.F. Hussain did it, why don't you? Walking bare feet could sound like a bad idea, but here we have brought to you some awesome health benefits of walking barefoot.
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    Happy Feet

    Walking barefoot can be looked down upon by people, you will collect a lot of dirt on your feet and you will get hurt endlessly. But there is a bright side to walking barefoot, much like everything. Remember M.F. Hussain? The legendary painter used to walk barefeet, and we suspect that he knew its advantages! If you think that walking barefeet can be a disgusting idea, then think again. We have brought to you some advantages of walking barefoot.

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    Helps to Clear your Mind

    When you are walking barefoot you have to look what is in front you, as there is every possibility for you to get hurt on the road. Therefore, paying attention to every little thorn which is lying in front of you. This helps you to clear every inner confusion and will thus eventually clear your mind. Thus, without you knowing, your head would be free of any chatter.

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    Foot Yoga

    When you walk barefoot, you tend to strengthen and stretch your feet muscles, and the tendons and ligaments in your feet, along with the ankles and calves. You can therefore prevent any injury, knee strain and back problems. Also, because you are not wearing shoes, your core strengthens and stretches. This helps with your posture.

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    Decreases Anxiety & Depression

    Imagine a walk on grass with your feet bare. This is a definite way to decrease your anxiety and depression by almost 62 percent. It has been found that this is a good way to increase the levels of endorphins that make you feel good. So, this keeps you happy and all your sorrows fade away!

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    Grounding Reality

    The human body is made of 60 percent water which is good for as a electricity conductor. The earth we inhabit happens to have a negative ionic charge. When you walk barefoot, you help to ground your body to this charge. Any negative Ions have been found to detoxify, calm, and reduce inflammation. also synchronising your internal clocks. You could get negative ions by placing your feet near by the water, that is the best place.

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    Your body has reflex points as so does your feet. This means that every time a little bump is experienced on the feet you tend to stimulate all of these reflexe points. If you feel hurt, then it only means that you feet required that stimulation which it is getting. As time passes by, you will realise that these sensetivities tend to go away.

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    Good Sleep

    In the olden times it was believed that by walking barefoot in grass one could cure insomnia. The good news for you is that even today people believe in this. So take a walk in the nearby garden for a good sleep!

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    What Matters

    Being barefoot outside means that you are get connected to the world around you, you are one with Mother Nature. You can feel the sunshine warm your feetm, you can feet the wet grounds, the sand grains passing through your the gaps in your fingers. It is a very easy way for you to connect with nature and to feel the higher power.

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