7 Foods you should stock up this summer

By:Vasudha Bhat, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:May 29, 2015

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As the temperatures soar, it gets essential to stock some foods in your kitchen to keep you cool. Here is a list of some foods that will help you beat the heat.
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    Give it back to the heat

    As the sun shines brazenly in the sky, you keep wishing for greater leeway from the soaring temperatures. Although you take all measures to keep away from the heat, there is still something more that you can do to keep it cool. According to chefs, juices, salads and smoothies are an essential part of the summer menu. Heavily loaded spicy curries should only make a comeback in your life when the weather gets a little cooler. So, here are some foods that you can stock up in your home to feel cool this summer.

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    Tulsi seeds

    Tulsi seeds have cooling properties and are healthy munching options for diabetics, constipation and acidity patients. These natural coolants help in inducing weight loss and can keep your skin and hair glowing.

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    Isn’t cucumber your mom’s favourite salad ingredient in summers? There is no reason why it wouldn’t be so. After all, it keeps you hydrated and flushes out toxins from your body. It is beneficial for your eyes, reduces cholesterol in the body and makes your kidneys healthier.

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    When the summer heat drains off all your body's energy, kokum comes to your rescue and replenishes all the energy. It boosts activity in the brain and betters immunity and digestion.

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    Coconut water

    If your immune system needs some boosting during this scorching weather, drink coconut water. Its consumption can aid weight loss, keep your skin healthy and cure kidney diseases.

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    Fenugreek, popularly known as Methi, can be used to cure skin problems. It reduces scars, cholesterol levels and blood sugar levels in the body.

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    Watermelon is a boon for summers. It is rich in nutritional value and keeps your body properly hydrated. It can stabilize your blood pressure and heal painful muscles.

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    Loaded with water, yogurt is rich in vitamins, proteins and calcium. Besides, it gives you a cooling effect instantly.

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