5 Foods that will wreck your workout

By:Ariba Khaliq, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Apr 28, 2015

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Fueling up before a workout needs you to cut down on eating the wrong stuff before the regimen. There's no need for trial and error—here, we've rounded up seven foods that are ruining your workouts.
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    Eating before Workout

    Eating before a workout is like forcing your body to decide between an internal process (processing the food) and an external process (converting energy into work—i.e. pushing that weighted sled farther and faster). Note that the internal process is going to be the winner everytime because you can’t hit pause on digestion. What you can help is, avoiding the wrong foods before a workout which might not only hurt your stomach but also affect your performance. While many of the choices mentioned below are okay to eat generally, you may want to skip having them if you are preparing for your workout.

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    Green Juices

    The way green juices will affect your performance depends a lot on timing. Drinking the juice as a light snack an hour before your workout should be okay because it doesn’t take long to digest. However, you may end up feeling bloated or with an upset stomach due to the high fibre content. This applies more to blended green drinks rather than juiced ones—or the sulphurous veggie content.

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    Protein Bars

    Protein bars get a bad reputation for a reason- many of them are just glorified candy bars. If you’re reaching out to them to fuel your workout session, remember two things: 1. Bars that don’t have a good proportion of carbs, probably have high protein content. They’ll just sit in the stomach and won’t provide the fuel you need (i.e. carbs) to power through all your reps. 2.  Bars with mountain of sugar will lead you to a crash. A good protein bar should have at least 18 grams of whole grains per bar, so that it provides the energy you need to log that extra mile.

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    Many people carry avocados to the gym to burn off the calories from French fries or noodles, you shouldn’t be doing it. Problem is, these meals are high in fat and take a lot of time to digest, and if you work out soon after, you’re making your body compete with itself for its blood supply. Sadly, this is also true for healthy fats like avocados, olive oil and nuts in large quantities—though fried foods and double bacon cheeseburgers are worse. Muscle cramps are what you’ll end up with.

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    Both the bubbles and sugar in carbonated drinks (and in juices and flavoured waters for that matter) can lead to an upset stomach. Don’t pretend you didn’t know this. Plus, like candy bars, they contain sugar that can lead to energy high, followed by a prompt—and not so pleasant—crash.

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