7 Eye care tips for people who wear glasses

By:Ariba Khaliq, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Jun 02, 2015

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Eye care tips for people wearing glasses should be followed sacredly to keep eyes safe and healthy. Here we have brought to you seven of such easy and doable eye care tips for glass wearers.
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    Eye care tips for glass wearers

    Your brain receives 80% of its information through the eyes. If you wear glasses, it means your eyes are already weak and straining them further can affect your vision for the worse. You may dislike the way you look with glasses or simply feel more comfortable without them, but glasses are extremely crucial for protecting your eyes against any harm. Here are seven essential eye care tips for glass wearers that you should follow religiously for safe and healthy eyes.

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    While reading

    You shouldn’t lie flat on your back while you read a book and should hold it at least 30 cm away from your eyes. Also, take breaks while reading—usually for about 5-10 minutes. These eye care tips for people wearing glasses help them relax their eyes. Concentrate on an object 6 meters away from you to relax your eyes. Reading in dim light can strain your eyes; never do that. Also, reading while in motion, like travelling in a train or bus could lead to motion sickness.

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    Environmental exposure

    An accidental damage to eyes by sharp or pointed objects may cause irreversible damage to them. Be careful about handling tools and taking them near your eyes. If you’re handling chemicals or ultraviolet rays, make sure you wear protective goggles in order to prevent them from coming in contact with your eyes.

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    At work

    One of the best glass wearer tips for eye care is the use of anti-glare spects. Reflective surfaces like computer screens strain your eyes to great extents. Your glasses should have an anti-reflective coating to avoid the glare straining of the eyes.

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    Eye Checkups

    You should get your eyes tested at least once a year by an optometrist, even if you don’t experience any eye problems. A thorough eye examination helps you monitor your eye health, maintain optimal vision and keep up to date with new technology.

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    Avoid self-medication

    If you are suffering from eye irritation or allergy, never try to self-medicate. Eyes are a super sensitive body part and should never be taken lightly or experimented with. Even if it’s just dry eye that’s bothering you, ask your doctor to prescribe the best eye drops in the market.

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    Sharing isn’t caring

    Don’t ever share your spectacles with your friends or siblings. Even if they have the same vision number as yours, this isn’t a hygienic habit. This is especially true if you or your friend has an eye infection; keep your things separate—sharing towels, soaps or even clothes can transmit the infection.

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    Mindful tips for eye care

    Make sure your glasses are comfortable to wear—they aren’t heavy, loose or unsteady. Always choose frames that are light and steady. Secondly, don’t rub your eyes with your hands which are a host of virus and bacteria. You could use a clean tissue for gently cleaning the goo or water your eyes produce. Lastly, your glasses prevent your vision from worsening but they aren’t a magical wand. You too will have to care for your eyes. Get sufficient sleep to relax your eyes and avoid swelling and dark circles.

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