7 Effective home remedies to cure tennis elbow

By:Vasudha Bhat, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Jun 05, 2015

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Repetitive movement of the arms, forearms and muscles can sometimes result in a condition popularly known as tennis elbow. The injury can trigger excruciating pain and unease. Here are some home remedies that can relieve pain and protect the tendons of elbow.
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    The wrath of tennis elbow

    Each time they hear a mention of `tennis elbow’ somewhere, it induces massive knee jerk responses in almost every Indian who is a cricket fanatic. Tennis elbow, a term used for a condition caused by overuse of arm, forearm and hand muscles that leads to pain, became a talk of the town when cricketer Sachin Tendulkar revealed his injury. Tendulkar, often referred to as the 'God of Cricket', suffered a lot of injuries in his cricketing journey, but tennis elbow was one of those conditions that made him fear for his career. In an interview, Tendulkar shared how his tennis elbow injury was one of those hurdles that could wreck his career. His consistent efforts to weather the storm and to make a comeback after several sit outs are commendable. However, there may be times when a tennis elbow pain may require immediate attention and cure. To combat such situations, here are some carefully vetted home remedies that can give you immediate relief.

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    Ice packs

    Ice has the ability to act as an anti-inflammatory agent. Place a pack of ice over the elbow for at least 15 minutes a day to get instant relief from pain and reduce swelling of tendons in the elbow.

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    Wrap elastic bandages around the elbow to give comforting support to the joints and reduce swelling as well.

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    Do it the right way

    Tennis elbow is a result of doing things in an improper way. Therefore, stressing the elbow and rectifying the way of performing a physical activity can cure the condition.

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    Take rest

    When activities like painting and throwing are performed repeatedly i.e. without giving proper rest to the joint, the movement may become troublesome. It is advisable for tennis elbow patients to keep taking a break between intervals whenever they feel the stress.

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    Alteration of sports gears

    It is advised to change the grip size of your sports gears to exert less pressure on your wrist. The duration of your resting period should be increased, and the intervals between breaks should decreased.

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    Wear a supportive strap

    You can protect the tendons of your elbow by always having a protective shield of a supportive strap over it.

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    Perform exercises for tendons

    There are a number of exercises that can increase the strength of tendons and muscles under the elbow portion. These exercises can make them less susceptible to stress caused by repetitive motion.

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