7 Easy Ways to Hide your Roots

By:Arka Roy Chowdhury, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Aug 29, 2014

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The grey roots always seem to show up in a short span of time without an announcement. Even after the beautiful hair colour is making a statement, the ruins come in to ruin it.
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    Hiding Them Roots!

    Visible roots are always a bad sight, and whether you have highlights or completely coloured hair, it will always be hindering your style. Hair colours are expected to be great, and even after touching the roots those grey ones come right back up. So, in such a situation it can get really heartbreaking for you. You either have to go back to your hair stylist for some quick fix, or you will have to live with the unwanted hair scheme. So, while you sit and contemplate the return of those oldie wigs, we will ask you to put that idea on hold and take a read. Hide your roots in these easy ways, and stay glamorous!
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    Use a Hair Band

    Pretty easy isn’t it? Wearing headbands can be a fun way to hide your hair roots, and moreover they are inexpensive and come in every size, pattern, shape and colour. But you know how you can look like a 90’s throwback babe wearing a thick headband, so we suggest that you wear many thin ones.
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    Coloured Dry Shampoo

    By using coloured shampoo you can hide your roots and also extend the life of your overall colour. If you wash hair with regular shampoo then it can strip the colour molecules from your colourful hair. You could start using dry coloured shampoo as and when your roots start emerging. Coloured hair shampoo is a great solution!
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    Get a Hair Cut

    When it comes to hair, of course the kind of hair cut you get plays a very important role in how your roots stand out. If you get a shaggy and layered bobs then you will see that this is helping to hide your roots, this can downplay your roots. Also another option is to have a haircut that has longer layers along with sweeping fringes.
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    A Chaotic Part

    If you can make your hair part messier and chaotic than usual then this can hide distinct line of any root re-growth. Also in order to have your incoming roots to hide, you could add volume to your hairstyle. This can be done by using a curling iron in order to create a texture and lift at the roots. When you have volume you will keep your hairline away from the judging eyes!
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    A Hair Colour Pen

    Using hair colour pens could be great for your hair, and they allow you to colour those grey hairs which may appear from time to time. These pens come in various shades and therefore you can choose the colour of your choice. You should use the colour well around the hairline so it looks almost natural. You must however remember that this colour is temporary, and would wash away with shampoo.
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    Go Easy on Styles

    When the roots are really bad then you are advised to steer clear of sever parts and also to slick it back. This is also true for those sporting ponytails. Ponytails are a very easy giveaway when it comes to grey roots.
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    A Quickie

    Here is a quick solution. Now the colour on your natural part is of course exposed far more than those in the interior. Hence this exposed area tends to fade quicker because it is basically exposed to the elements that threaten your hair colour. This is why you should flip your part in order to show fewer grey roots by using the centre part or the other side of your head.
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