7 Dumb Things Girls Do To Impress Guys

By:Meenakshi Chaudhary, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Jan 23, 2015

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What people do to achieve their goals can be surprising, shocking or cute. But, it can also be stupid and dumb. These are the dumbest things girls do to impress a guy.
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    Don’t try this at home (oh sorry on him)

    If you are someone who is just starting to date or already have a date, you know that love makes you do stupid things. You can do anything to impress your crush no matter how stupid it may actually look. You start to believe that your crush will only love you back if you put up a show for him. Here is a list of things that girls do that drives the guys insane. Image Courtesy: wallpapersbunchs.com

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    Acting Like a Guy

    Some girls think acting like a guy will bring them closer to the guy they like. He may be very fond of his male friends but he may not want his girl to act like them. Thus, faking bro-ness won’t get you a date. But he might ask you to come over his place and play xbox with his dudes if this is what you want from him. Keep enjoying the bro-ness then. Image Courtesy :movies.ndtv.com

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    Giggling Constantly And For No Reason

    If you like to giggle at everything he says, you need to stop immediately.  Guys like it when their girlfriends make them feel special about themselves but it does not mean that you have to laugh at everything that comes out from his mouth. You can simply reply by answering like the way normal human beings do. Giggling constantly for no reason is very irritating. So, laugh whole-heartedly and when it makes sense. Image Courtesy:footiewallpapers

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    Pretend to Love Sports

    If you have been into sports since your school days, you undoubtedly like sports. But, if you are the type of the girl who pretends to like sports just because your crush is a huge fan of a certain team, there is a long way to go. Well, you may look cute in sports jerseys but it does not mean you have to pretend to love sports just to impress a guy. Image Courtesy: blogspot.com

  • 5

    Playing Dumb

    Some girls think it is good to play dump to keep the guy.  What makes you think a guy would like his girl to be stupid? A guy always looks for intelligent and sensible girl who can understand him. Instead of acting dumb to get more love, try behaving maturely and intelligently. You will see how much he will be impressed by your maturity. image Courtesy: http://i.ndtvimg.com

  • 6

    Dressing up in Skinny and Skimpy Clothes

    Nothing is wrong in showing a little skin here and there. But some girls always like to dress like they are on the beach.  They like to believe they can win any heart by wearing skimpy and revealing clothes.  Boys like girls in such clothes but not always.  Boys might not look up to such as girls as potential girlfriends or wife.

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    Piles of Make up

    If you think layers of makeup will help you get a guy, well sorry to say but it won't. And if you really pull it off, that guy is likely to ditch you for the next girl with nicer face sans make up. Use your brains instead of the make up kit and try to get a guy who likes the natural you. Image Courtesy: http://hdwallpapersrocks.com

  • 8

    Acting Cool

    It is quite normal for people to like cool people who are calm and composed but if are just pretending it you are likely to do more harm to yourself than good. You may let go off stupid jokes or even offensive ones just to appear normal. Be what you are and show whatever you feel. Don't just act cool, be cool about dating that guy. image courtesy:asianetindia

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