7 Characteristics of a Great Workplace

By:Vasudha Bhat, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:May 01, 2015

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Most employers claim to be the best there can be. But, only can an employee give an honest review. So, on this Labour's Day, we shift focus to the many facets of organisations where people would be happy to work in.
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    Happy Labor's Day!

    Each person associated with a profit-making organization understands the importance of making their office a better place by introducing little changes in the way they look at things. But, on this Labor’s Day, we plan to do something different. Here is a look at the different characteristics of a great work place.

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    Clear Vision and Identity

    The company you are working for must have a clear vision. This will let you know what the company is heading for, what the company believes in and what you as an employee are working towards.

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    Flexible Growth for Employees

    When you have proven your worth at various points in the company and you wish to change your career paths, a good workplace will never hamper your growth.

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    Little Office Politics

    Office politics is part of every organization. However, some companies have very little of it and there is a constant effort to stop it whenever a situation creeps in.

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    Meritocracy Prevails in the Company

    Your company must know your worth. If you have been giving all your efforts to prove your mettle, your company must reward you for it. Growth must only be on the basis of merit.

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    Nothing is Hidden

    A great organization will not hide anything. Success and failure, both are out there in the open.

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    Honest Feedback from Employees is Considered

    An employee-friendly oragnization will always seek honest feedbacks from its employees. Also, there would be no bias in taking rectifying measures.

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    Fun-filled Atmosphere

    When you spend most of your office time in a boring and dull environment, you reap its negative effects directly. Therefore, being in a place which has a fun environment will help in better productivity and employee satisfaction.

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