5 Simple exercises for osteoporosis patients

By:Himanshu Sharma, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Oct 23, 2015

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Exercising increase the risk of injury for osteoporosis patients is a common belief. However, you can build and maintain bone thickness with exercises.
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    Weight bearing exercises

    Weight bearing exercises are those in which body’s weight is supported by legs and feet. Hiking, dancing, stair climbing are some of the safest exercises for osteoporosis.

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    Exercise can’t get simpler than this. Take 15-20 minutes out of your schedule to walk every day. Because it is a low-impact exercise, there is no upper limit to it.

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    Resistance exercise

    Low resistance exercises can help osteoporosis patients as it help build muscle and bones. Free weights or weight machines increase bone density besides lowering the risk of fractures.

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    The benefits of yoga go far beyond mindfulness. Besides improving posture and flexibility, the ancient practice of alternative medicine strengthens bones.

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    As long as you stick with low-impact aerobics, it is safe. Water aerobics is one of the best options for those with weak bones. High-impact can strengthen bones but the force is not stable enough to handle.


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