5 Amazing head band style ideas

By:Namrata Dutta, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Mar 22, 2016

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Accessorizing hair isn’t an easy job and it certainly requires efforts. However, if you know the right techniques, you can turn your hairstyle into a masterpiece. Embellishing hair with hair bands, pins and other minimal accessories is easy but when it comes to an accessory such as head band, it requires efforts and right style.
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    Regular pony spiced up

    Just tie your regular pony and tie the head band below your pony, so that it fits perfectly around your head.

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  • 2

    Let your hair down

    Don’t have to do anything just let your hair down and tie the fashion headband around your head, over your hair. Nothing looks cooler than a hippy hairdo.

    Image: Getty

  • 3

    The classic

    Pull back your hair with the headband like you do with hair band. It should be in such a way that your front hair is all tied back with the head band.

    Image: Getty

  • 4

    Embellish partitions

    Go for any partition you want, and then secure the partition with the headband.

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  • 5

    Beehive affairs

    Make a beehive and then tie a headband around. Tie a bow with the loose ends of the band and beautify your beehive more.

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