5 Amazing benefits of ice cube facial

By:Ariba Khaliq, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Sep 19, 2015

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Just what ice does to your drinks, it does the same to your skin–cools it down! An ice cube facial is a super convenient and cheap way to unleash a beautiful skin.
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    Ice, ice baby!

    It is no fun to get iced, but amazingly, you won’t find the skin-care benefits of an ice-cube facial from many other expensive skin treatments available in spas and salons. The benefits of ice therapy are many–it is pocket-friendly and combats acne, sunburn and skin ageing. Here are benefits of ice cube facial that will push you to give it a try the next time you visit the parlour.

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    Tighten pores

    Applying ice cubes to the face helps close up enlarged pores and reduce production of excess oil. This in turn makes the skin super smooth just like that of models in beauty and fashion magazines.

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    Freeze pimples

    If you’re struggling with breakouts, the easiest way to treat it is to apply an ice cube to it. It not only reduces redness of the pimple but also shoos away pain. Make sure to wrap the ice cube in a muslin cloth before applying it to the skin because direct application may feel harsh on the delicate capillaries under the skin.

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    Glowing skin

    Ice cube facial is also an answer when you need an instant glow on the face. Mix sliced cucumber, honey and lemon juice and freeze it. Rub it gently all over the face and let the juice sit on the skin for five minutes. Rinse with normal water and you will find a rejuvenated skin that is healthy and glowing.

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    Dark circles and puffy eyes

    One stop remedy for dark circles, and tired and puffy eyes is ice therapy. To enhance its effect, brew a cup of strong green tea and freeze the strained water. Place these cubes on eyes, taking breaks every 30 seconds. With abundant antioxidants and mild caffeine, “iced” green tea is your best shot against swelling around eyes.

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    Prevent skin ageing

    Massaging ice daily betters blood circulation and helps prevent signs of premature skin ageing. Wrap some ice cubes in a muslin cloth and gently massage your face with it in circular motion. You may add a few drops of essential oil like lavender or jasmine to get a spa-like feel.

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