4 Amazing bra hacks to make every girl’s life easier!

By:Ariba Khaliq, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Aug 19, 2015

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Bra problems are painfully plenty, but some of them can be easily dealt with. Use these 4 brilliant bra hacks to master the art of wearing a bra.
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    Bra issues

    Lingerie shopping is fun but bras can be a total pain in the back on occasions. It is anyway hard to find the right bra, and then making it behave exactly as it should is another task! But, we can’t live without them either, so what should we do? Here are some brilliant bra hacks that will make dealing with them easier. These will especially come in handy when we reach out to the lingerie drawer and realise we don’t have what we need that very moment.


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    Turning your bra into a racerback

    That too with the help of just clips! A bra strap peeking from a racerback ganji or tank top looks fine, but when you have to wear a fancy dress with a racerback, you will have to hide those funky coloured bra straps for good. Just take a paperclip, unfold it and use it to hold the straps together. Your bra has now been converted into a racerback. Voila!


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    Help the bra live a few more days

    We all have those favourite bras that we bought with great zeal, but eventually grew out of them. Or the ones that have shrunk because we machine-washed them or washed them in hot water. To get a few more wears out of them, use bra extenders. It can be made out of your old bra – just cut out a bit of the bra from the hook and eye and sew them together at the raw edges. This can be used to extend the bra and buy it some more life.


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    The DIY low back bra

    Those sexy deep-back tops could make you look even sexier if your bra isn’t showing through. For an easy fix, you will need some elastic, a bra hook and basic sewing skills. It’s like making a really long extender–one that can go around your torso. This will help you to pull your bra strap a couple of inches down.


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    The pokey underwire fix

    As good as underwires can be in giving your girls some support, they soon start escaping from their place to poke and prod you. Here’s an easy way to fix them. Take a ribbon and stitch the hole to cover it. It will prevent the wire from poking out again. Just make sure the ribbon is made of thick fabric and is not the plastic kind.

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