12 Things every man should know how to do

By:Ariba Khaliq, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Feb 28, 2014

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Let’s tell you the 12 things that every man should know how to do.
  • 1

    The Rules to Manhood

    There are no hard-and-fast rules to manhood but one- he should know how to do real stuff. Brains and charm are fine, but a real guy should learn to perform life’s essential skills. These skills have nothing to do on how to be a man (great writers have fallen short of answers to it), but they give you the edge on being a lifelong leader. Let’s tell you the 12 things that every man should know how to do. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

  • 2

    Start a Fire

    Aren’t you guys very outdoorsy people? Understandably so! You love to hike, camp, and take a step away from civilization. But, it’s not the same experience in your manicured resort. A man should know how to start a fire to actually feed his wilderness expeditions and put an actual difference between him and modernity. So, grab your tent and join the dying breed. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

  • 3

    Use Basic Tools

    The day-to-day itsy-bitsies of the house don’t require professional fixes. Would you ask your land-lord to get someone to screw a nail, or change the fused bulb in the house? Every man should have the basic tools that are required for the simple fixes around the house; and you should know to use them too. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

  • 4

    Dress Right for the Occasion

    Embarrassingly, most men are overdresses for most events. Don’t just blindly follow Barney Stinson’s advice to “suit up!” The important thing is to know what to wear for a given occasion. If you don’t know, find the right person to ask. Understand that different jobs, different cities, and different subcultures have different dress codes. Image Courtesy: www.hypemeanseverything.com

  • 5

    Understand Finances

    Its okay if stocks aren’t your thing but, you should have a basic understanding of where your money goes. If you can’t articulate why you have the insurance and bank accounts that you have, take an afternoon to brush up on your where your money’s going and why it’s going there. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

  • 6

    Cook a Meal without Ruining It

    Now, that you’ve mastered the art of ordering delivery, you should be able to cook at least one dish that you can call your own. So, the next time ordering Chinese or Italian for your date is not an option. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

  • 7

    Take an Insult

    Without a fight! Someone just called you a douche and you are ready to fight eh? Fighting some guy in the parking lot won’t magically turn you into Asoka, so give it a rest. Violence is rarely the answer. Violence at a bar with your friends is pretty much never the answer. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

  • 8

    Change a Tire

    Every once in a while you reach office because you got a flat tire on way. Too bad you didn’t know how to fix it and had to wait for the mechanic to come and mend it. Only if you knew how to change the Stepney yourself.  Take an afternoon to learn how to change a tire, jump a car, and help some beautiful woman on the side of the road with car trouble. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

  • 9

    Not Talk about Yourself

    Please don’t fill every small pause with more hot air, focus on listening to the conversation. The best part about listening is that you’re learning something new rather than repeating old stories you’ve told dozens of times. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

  • 10

    Tie a Tie

    Of course it is not needed at every occasion (remember not to be overdressed), but the art can come in handy when you have to. Ask a friend or look up one of the many how-to videos out there. And if you’ve already got a handle on the basics get creative with a half-Windsor or Pratt knot. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

  • 11

    Respect the Opposite Points of View

    “Meeting in the middle” is not we are asking you to do but you must understand the roots of viewpoints different from your own. You may disagree with the people supporting the opposite cricket team, but it is important to see how they came to believe what they believe. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

  • 12

    Accept Criticism

    Don’t get defensive at your friends’ unsolicited criticism regarding your behaviour, or script, or the meal you have prepared, or anything else. Take some time to really think about where the comments are coming from, and if, Heaven forbid, they’re right. Think about what you can do to make yourself a better man. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

  • 13

    Find and Read a Great Book

    As you head out for the beach this summer, pack a book that offers some adrenaline rush. Everyone knows London, Hemingway, Mailer, Thompson, Krakauer. Find others for the need of some poetry in your life. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

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