There Is More to Sex Appeal than Just Measurements Learn How to Up It

By:Ariba Khaliq, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Mar 24, 2014

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Not all of us were fortunate enough to be born looking like gods and goddesses. But, this is completely changeable. So, bring your sexy back with these tips.
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    Sex Appeal Makes the World Spin

    Sex appeal is a mysterious and charismatic feature of one’s personality that forces the marketers to spend millions creating and campaigning around it. Not all of us were fortunate enough to be born looking like gods and goddesses with sex appeal oozing out of us. But, this is completely changeable. So, bring your sexy back with these tips. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


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    Have More Sex

    When you are having lot of sex, you generally feel easy and laid back. You also are more confident about yourself and according to common knowledge, confidence is sexy.  Image Courtesy: Getty Images


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    Take the Lead

    When you’re leading things- even simple conversations, it shows that you’re sure of yourself and know what you want. It’s sexy when you’re singing in a rock band onstage, or giving board presentation, or grabbing someone and taking them around the bar. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


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    Even if you have trouble believing it, tell yourself that you’re sexy. Affirmations work with the subconscious mind and once this sinks into your mind; it will show on the outside. Wink! Image Courtesy: Getty Images


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    Have More People around You

    A lot of people, who are thought to be sexy, aren’t. They just have a big social circle and maintain sexy lifestyles. If you have some people chasing you, you will have more people doing the same (don’t try that with police). Image Courtesy: Getty Images


  • 6

    Do the Talking

    A good communicator is always sexy. Learn to approach people and connect with them more easily. You may not be one for small talk, but it’s a good idea to practice the art of conversation. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


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    Touch and Tell

    Sexually appealing people are completely comfortable with their bodies. Be it. Fix your posture if you slouch. You want to be touching as many people as you’re meeting, so all of them. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


  • 8

    Be Unpredictable

    Not in a destructive manner! Break your boring rapport, tease, and joke around to signify that you are comfortable with yourself and don’t need others’ approval. See how it brings out that mystic sex appeal in you. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


  • 9

    Break the Monotony

    Being challenging is sexy, because if people can get you easily, then there is no point in them chasing after you. Believe that you’re a prize and they must strive to get you. One day, you actually will become a prize. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


  • 10

    Take Care

    Joining a gym and gaining 15 pounds of lean muscle won’t ever hurt your chances of being thought of as an object by the opposite sex. Monitor what you eat and exercise for a positive impact on increasing your longevity. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


  • 11

    Laugh a Lot

    A sense of humour is a great sex appeal booster. Laughing makes you to relax and everything so approachable. Also, laughing at your own self is very sexy. It showss how comfortable you are in your own skin.  Image Courtesy: Getty Images

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