10 Tips that will Help you to Stay Happy

By:Bhadra Kamalasanan, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Mar 29, 2014

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Here are top 10 ways in which you can stay happy. Forever.
  • 1

    On your Search for Happiness...

    When on your search for happiness, make an effort to realise that happiness is internal. No places, people or events can make you happy. It is for you to seek happiness in these outwardly things. Doesn’t ring a bell? Here is an example, there could be this one thing that you love very much today, but after a few days you may just not want to see it again. At one point in time that thing that made you happy does not even bring a smile to your face anymore. Hence proved, happiness is within you; it is within all of us.

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  • 2

    Take a warm bath

    If you had a bad day or are just plain tired, take a warm to hot bath and get your blood running throughout your body. This will bring you relief from whatever kind of pain you are going through be it physical or all in your mind.

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  • 3

    Smile and Laugh a Lot

    Even if you do not feel that something is funny or so witty as to be laughed at, just do. Smiling makes the body to release a platoon of endorphins that then work to bring positive changes to your mood. If smiling doesn’t uplift your mood, try smiling at another person and their smile back will lighten up your face.

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  • 4

    Play with your Pet

    Pets are the best source of continual and unconditional love. Besides, they are irresistibly fun to play with. Just spend some time with them and you will know what we mean. Don’t have a pet? Go to a friend’s who has one.

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  • 5


    Truth be told, all of us love to don a fit body and when we set to get one via exercising, it just makes us happy to see the changes happening. Exercising gets the body to release happy hormones into the body and pushing the adrenaline to its peak, helping one to get in the mood.

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  • 6

    Watch a Movie that you have always Loved

    Whether the movie that you love is one that brings tears to your eyes or just gives a kick to your adrenaline, watch it because that will definitely help you feel happier about your day no matter how bad it has been.

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  • 7


    We are always behind a certain veil that we do not want to let go off lest we be mistaken for being something that we are not and thus be shunned. Scream as loud as you want or just cry your eyes out. Dwell into an emotional catharsis because at the end of the day, your feelings do matter and they matter more than the facade that you have created as a result of societal pressure for all these years.

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  • 8

    Plan a Vacation

    Nothing is so much fun as planning a vacation. No matter how many people swore at you for your bad work, the rest of the world is waiting for you. So, pick up your backpackers and get going.

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  • 9

    Read a Book

    Not just any book that will probably disturb your senses even more, but a positive one that has lots of jokes in it or has a message you can learn from. If you are not so interested in philosophy, you could just read on something that you have interests in.

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  • 10

    Keep an “I have a Good Life” Journal

    Make a note of all the positive changes that have happened ever since you started taking our happiness tips into account.  If you think nothing has really changed, try to figure out the things that you can possibly do to make positive changes to happen.

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  • 11

    Go Out in the Sun

    If you step out and go in the sun, you will receive all the healing powers. The rays of the sun will help you reconnect with the energies of the universe and help you heal from your physical or mental wounds.

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