10 Things Everyone Should Know About Yoga

By:Himanshu Sharma, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Mar 19, 2014

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The practice of yoga renders many mental as well as physical benefits. Here are 10 things about yoga that everyone should know.
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    Surprising Perks of Yoga

    Yoga is a way to discipline mind and body. It has become a popular method of exercising and staying in shape over the years. The practice of yoga renders many mental as well as physical benefits. There is more to yoga; know the things that you don’t know. (Image source:Getty)

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    Easy to Begin

    People usually find it difficult to start a new fitness regime especially is you are a beginner. However yoga is not that difficult to start with. You can begin with simple yoga poses and gradually increase your level. Image Courtesy : Getty Images

  • 3

    Your mind needs to be flexible, not the body

    There are many who turn away from yoga because they are not flexible. Where you do need flexibility, however, is in your mind. Instead of a flexible body, yoga is the art to develop flexibility of mind. (Image source:Getty)

  • 4

    Yoga Clubs Help

    One of the easiest ways to start a proper yoga regime is to join a local yoga club. As we all know one of the toughest things for any exercise regime is to get a proper start. One you are inside a yoga club, things get a lot easier for you and you can expect to continue with the program. Image Courtesy : Getty Images

  • 5

    Everyone starts as a beginner

    If you think it is a challenge to master things because you haven’t done it before;  realise that getting in the door is the hardest step and we all have to start somewhere, be it practicing yoga or exercising in the fitness centre. Once you get acquainted, things tend to get easier. (Image source:Getty)

  • 6

    Yoga for Everyone

    One of the less known facts regarding yoga is that it offers so many options that it can cater to everyone. Regardless of the age group, gender, fitness levels or even medical conditions, yoga offers something to effectively benefit everyone. Image Courtesy : Getty Images

  • 7

    It Gets Easier

    Yoga may feel difficult at the beginning however with time and continuous practice it gets easier. Even the most difficult poses get easier after few week of practice. You begin to accept and memorize the poses and you can gradually move to more difficult poses. Image Courtesy : Getty Images

  • 8

    The most important organs are the lungs

    You thought the heart is the most important organ, it is, but not so for yogis. According to yoga, the most important body function is breathing. The workings of the heart are beyond our control unless we practice advanced yoga, but the workings of our lungs is the realm of our control. (Image source:Getty)

  • 9

    Yoga is a 24*7 practice

    The true yogis practice yoga every moment of the day. Yoga gives you calmness and mental energy and is directed at more useful things, like becoming the person you always wanted to be. (Image source:Getty)

  • 10

    There are endless yoga approaches

    When it comes to yoga, there's a plethora of styles to choose from. Some of the yoga techniques are basic and gentle, while others are faster and more athletic. You can try out multiple styles and open up your mind. (Image source:Getty)

  • 11

    Yoga can be Fun

    Yoga not only allows you to be physically flexible but you can also be flexible with your regime. You can listen to music while practicing or have chat sessions during breaks. Some yoga schools even incorporate humour during their teaching sessions. Image Courtesy : Getty Images

  • 12

    Yoga doesn't ask for Weight Loss

    You can easily do yoga even with your extra pounds of flesh. While practicing yoga will help you shed the extra weight, it is not necessary to lose weight to be able to begin practicing yoga. However it is always better to change your lifestyle and lose the extra weight for health. Image Courtesy : Getty Images

  • 13

    Chances are that you are going to break a sweat

    Yoga may look simple, but it demands a physical effort like marathon does. Even in the basic yoga positions, you might break a sweat. Don’t mind sweating out; just be comfortable and ready to sweat. (Image source:Getty)

  • 14

    You may get hurt or injured

    Yoga is a healing art form, but it’s ok to have injuries. To prevent and avoid injuries, you need to master the art. When you are injured, make sure you tell your trainer about it and don’t push your body. (Image source:Getty)

  • 15

    Yoga teaches us to let go of things

    Yoga teaches us many things, one of them is to let go of things that are not serving us. Yoga helps you realise shifts happening in your life and brings your mind at peace with whatever comes your way. You find your inner voice and decide on things that serve you. (Image source:Getty)

  • 16

    Improves health and prevents medical issues

    Yoga helps you achieve a state of health and wellness by restoring the body, nervous system and immune system. Yoga can help prevent several medical conditions, including arthritis, stroke,  breast cancer, stress disorder and more. (Image source:Getty)

  • 17

    Yoga teaches us happiness

    We look for happiness in people and things. Yoga teaches us that true happiness comes from within – it is within us all and is easily attainable. It makes us realise that making more money, being the best at everything or looking this way or that way does not lead to happiness. (Image source:Getty)

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