Confused If You Have Really Found The One? Find Out with These 10 Signs

By:Ariba Khaliq, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Mar 26, 2014

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You can be fairly confident that you are in love with Mr or Ms Right if you notice these 10 signs.
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    Once You Find Your “the One,” You’ll Never Want to Let Them Go

    We often aren’t very sure of some things in this world; and often these things are really important in our lives- like knowing if we have found ‘The One.’ Unfortunately, there isn’t a foolproof litmus test, but you can be fairly confident that you are in love with Mr or Mrs Right if you notice these 10 signs that are characteristic of a really special connection between two people. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


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    Silence Says a Lot

    Love is when you sit beside someone saying nothing, doing nothing, yet you feel perfectly happy. With your special one, you will enjoy silence as much as you’ll like talking to them. Sometimes, silence says it all and doesn’t feel awkward. Image Courtesy: Getty Images



  • 3

    You Feel Safe

    When your lover’s arms feel like the safest place in this world, they feel like home, you must realise that he they are the one you have been looking for. These arms live love you, protect you and will keep you safe. Image Courtesy: Getty Images



  • 4

    Trust Binds You Together

    They say “without trust, there is no love.” True it is! If you trust this person more than anything or anyone else, it means you trust them with your heart. A strong trust builds the foundation of everlasting love. Image Courtesy: Getty Images



  • 5

    You are Happy

    When happiness becomes synonymous to this person’s name, you have found your ‘the one.’ The love that you’ve found will make the world more beautiful than ever. Image Courtesy: Getty Images



  • 6

    You Both Share the Vision of Life

    While talking about where your unborn children will go to school is not something you may be ready to talk about at this stage, knowing that you both share similar views about the world, about money and about the lifestyle you’d like to have in the future is. Image Courtesy: Getty Images



  • 7

    You Don’t Need to Pretend

    You can just be yourself with that person. You don’t need to rush to the washroom to comb your hair after waking up in the morning to make sure you look presentable to them. If they celebrate all that you are, they are definitely ‘the one.’ Image Courtesy: Getty Images



  • 8

    You Can’t Hide Your Feelings

    An as a result, friends and family notice the positive change in you that this person has brought in your life. If everyone approves, there can be no great deal than that. Image Courtesy: Getty Images



  • 9

    We Comes before Me

    You put your partner’s needs and wants before your and they do the same; need we say more? They rightly say “love is caring for each other even when you’re angry.” Image Courtesy: Getty Images



  • 10

    You Both are Inseparable

    When parting ways with each other is always such sweet sorrow, and you are lost and devastated when they aren’t around; but when you’re reunited, you never ever let them go... sigh! How sweet that love is. Image Courtesy: Getty Images





  • 11

    You Grow Together

    Times change, so do people. You both know that throughout life you might change and grow, but you'll always change and grow together. Life is about enjoying the stages with each other. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

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