10 Secrets you Shouldn't Keep from your Partner

By:Arka Roy Chowdhury, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:May 24, 2014

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There are things that one cannot hide from one's partner, and it is very necessary that you come clean regarding them right from the start. Know what secrets you should not keep from your partner.
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    The Secrets

    Trust is the biggest factor that carries a relationship forward, and everything can come crashing down if there is no trust in a relationship. A lie is the end of a relationship and it pretty much puts everything at risk. There are things that should be told and things that should not be told, and in between all of that you have to work things out. Here is a list of things that you should clear about in a relationship, secrets that should never be hidden.

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    Why no Sex

    Your partner deserves to know why you do not want to have sex with him or her, because intimacy is very important in a relationship. Therefore, you will do good if you furnish the reason for your disinterest. Your partner deserves to know, keep no secret! Only when you speak, will things get resolved.

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    A Bad Experience

    It is very neccessary that you tell your partner about any bad experience that you might have had. This is because such experiences could come back to haunt you in your present and therefore you would not want to surprise your partner. Any experience that may have left you very scared and deserted should be mentioned up front.

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    Any Diseases

    It is very important that you inform your partner regarding any disease that you might be having. Diseases could be communicable and there is all possibilty for the disease to spread to your partner. Hence, you should tell your partner about it and get treated for it. There is nothng worse than hiding a serious illness which could affect your loved one.

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    Don't Like the Friends

    There is all possibilty that you do not like your partner's friends, or a particular friend. It is best that you let your lover know this, because there is nothing as bad as pretending to like his or her friends! It is very important for every individual to have his or her friends and family acknowledged, and if that person repels you then say it out loud.

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  • 6

    About Relationship

    This is one secret that cannot be kept with you. You ought to tell your partner if there is something that is bothering you about the relationship. If you dislike something, then say it, if something bothers you then say it. You need to tell your partner because it urgently needs to be worked upon. Only then will your relationship movie forward and become fruitful.

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    Ask for Help

    This one is especially for women. If you think that your partner is not being considerable and is not helping you out with day to day activities then you will need to say so. You have to let it out and ask your partner to help you with your household chores. Keeping this secret will take you nowhere and only make you sad. So all secrets aside, ask for help!

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    The Loveless Feeling

    If you feel uncared for and feel very loveless then there is a chance that things might turn for the worse and you may end up breaking up. Therefore whenever you feel out of love, you need to speak up. Tell your partner that you have had some feeling of lovelessness and work things out, you will make it worse if you keep it within you.

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  • 9

    Once a Cheat

    If you have ever cheated on your partner during your relationship then please come clean, do not avoid the situation. This is most true for those who are going through a very good phase currently. When you look at your happy partner do you feel like leting this whole thing slide by? You should by all means make sure that you come clean, you will be appreciated for your honesty.

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  • 10

    Contacting Ex

    If you have ever contacted your ex behind your partner's back then it is your duty to confess. There is nothing wrong in meeting your ex for a friendly coffee, but you have to let your partner know about it. If you have had such an encounter behind his or her back then you must come clean about it and come out with the secret.

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    The Count

    If ever you have had the talk regarding the number of people you have slept with then it is very important that you do so. You need to make sure that you give a close count and not some random number that would keep your partner happy. Be careful what you say!

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