10 Reasons You Don’t have Friends

By:Himanshu Sharma, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:May 29, 2014

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There may be times in your life when you feel that you are without friends. Here are the reasons you don’t have people around you that you can call friends.
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    Reasons Why You Have No Friends

    There may be times in your life when you feel that you are without friends. There could be many reasons to feel so. There could be circumstances that pull one away from people such as going through a rough time and betrayal in friendship. Here are the reasons you don’t have people around you that you can call friends. (Image source:Getty)

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    You've made wrong friends in the past

    You may have chosen wrong set of friends during your growing years. They were never around when you wanted to connect or needed them around. And because you have spent time in the past with people who really aren't that great for you, you don’t make friends easily. (Image source:Getty)

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    I-don’t-care attitude

    If you are not bothered with what’s happening in the life of your friends, they might not keep you around. Not asking about them or not caring about their feelings will leave you making them feel insulted. (Image source:Getty)

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    Your relationship gets in the way

    You’ve found a partner and ditched your friends for them. You don’t hang out with your friends anymore. If this is the case, do you really expect your friends to hear your break up story? If you don’t give them time, they’ll move on without you. (Image source:Getty)

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    You’re selfish

    When you are selfish, your friends may tolerate your behaviour for some time but not for long. Friendship requires you to give sometimes; nobody wants to be friends with someone who is not willing to give. (Image source:Getty)

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    You’re a troublemaker

    Stirring up trouble will make people run away from you. If that is your habit, you’re likely to have problems with friends or convincing people to stick around. If you want someone to stand beside you, try to avoid the drama. (Image source:Getty)

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    You get jealous

    If you feel jealous seeing your friend doing better than you, there will be problems in your relationship with that friend. You should be proud if a friend is doing well and feel happy for them. (Image source:Getty)

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    You expect too much

    It is mean of you to expect your friends to always be available or always meet your needs. If you are expecting too much, you are likely to face disappointment from time to time. (Image source:Getty)

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    You’re a gossipmonger

    When you keep gossiping non-stop about people behind their back, who will trust you? Your friends will think that you backbite about them as well, even if you don’t. Be someone who can be trusted. (Image source:Getty)

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    You’ve not stopped bullying

    Bossing your friends around, bullying and making demands is fine when you’re in school. If you haven’t grown up yet, behaving aggressively can cost you dearly. Respect others and always be in control. (Image source:Getty)

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    You’re not outgoing

    One reason of not having friends is that you may not have had the opportunity to meet people whose company you enjoy. This is more likely when you don’t go out often. (Image source:Getty)

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