10 Qualities that Women Can Teach the World

By:Ariba Khaliq, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Mar 07, 2014

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This International Women’s Day, let’s take a look at some of the most desirable qualities that the world ought to learn from the fairer sex.
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    Women are Great. Period.

    Mars may always be at battle with Venus but part of being a great man is recognizing the value in a great woman. While men can’t stop bragging about their biceps, women have repeatedly proven their mettle outside of the gym (even inside it). This International Women’s Day, let’s take a look at some of the most desirable qualities that the world ought to learn from the fairer sex.  Image Courtesy: Getty Images

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    How to Respect

    A woman is always respectful not just towards her own parents, but even towards her in-laws and elders in general. How we wish we could be that considerate and courteous towards them too. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

  • 3

    How to Multitask

    If you thought listening to music while checking your e-mail at work is multi-tasking, imagine how your mother or wife handles her work-life as well as the family almost effortlessly. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

  • 4

    How to be Emotionally Strong

    You will probably run away and hide in corners with your biceps when emotional blows come along. Women are the most efficient with the matters of heart. They are superbly strong. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

  • 5

    How to be Patient

    Women are a lot calmer and patient when handling chaotic situations, you got to admit. Just being around one while dealing with one such situation would teach you a lesson for life. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

  • 6

    How to be Compassionate

    Women, unlike men understand that empathy is the basic feeling that binds two lovers together, much beyond the materialistic pleasures.  Image Courtesy: Getty Images

  • 7

    How to be Loyal

    Be it long-lasting relationships or friendships, most credit goes to the fairer sex. Those who’ve experienced the bond of friendship with women would agree on how loyal women are. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

  • 8

    How to be Expressive

    Women are very expressive beings- whether it is about voicing their opinions and expressions through words or through actions. They may overdo it sometimes, but at least they know the art better. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

  • 9

    How to be Hard Working

    Women are beautifully independent in spite of growing up in the chauvinistic society that the world has become time and again. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

  • 10

    How to Sacrifice

    Women look beyond materialistic gains and value real bonds. They have the heart to sacrifice. Now, doesn’t the world need it? We can see you nodding already. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


  • 11

    How to be Self-respecting

    Without being egoistic! There is a fine line between the two. The sad part is men can’t detect it. But women never fail to distinguish self-respect from ego.  Image Courtesy: Getty Images

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