10 Qualities that Make a Real Man Stand Out

By:Ariba Khaliq, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Nov 19, 2014

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On International Men's Day every year we celebrate manhood. Some core attributes like strength, reliability and action define a great man who doesn't need a particular day to be special. Know the characteristics of a real man which set him apart from others.
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    What it Takes to be a Real Man

    Times change and so do standards. But certain traits that define masculinity cannot be morphed. Most men and women agree with these fundamental characteristics that manliest of men hold dear. Abiding by these doesn’t mean your thinking is backward or you possess outdated sensibilities. Some core attributes like strength, reliability and action make a man a man. In quest of becoming better, and competing in all aspects of life- that men have to- these qualities become crucial to be ready for what gets thrown your way. Image Courtesy: Getty



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    A Leader Who can Defend Himself

    A real man thinks before he acts, is sure of all details, and makes a determined move. His decisions are considerate that value the interests of others and those closest to him. But, the world just doesn’t need leaders. It needs leaders who can fight their way up to the top. A real man will get up again and again from the blows of wrong attacks and assaults. He will climb the ladder. Image Courtesy: Getty



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    An Independent Who Keeps His Place in Order

    He appreciates, loves, respects, and truly values the woman in his life but doesn’t need her pick pizza boxes and undershirts from the floor. He does it all by himself and masters his home. A real man never lives like a bottom-feeder. He takes pride in where he lives- keeps it spotless and in order. Image Courtesy: Getty



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    An Assertive Who is Responsible

    He has the guts to stand for what he believes in- his convictions, his words, and himself. A real man never seeks approval, supplicates, or begs. And with this assertion, a real man takes responsibility for his own actions, and accomplishes what is necessary at the right time. Image Courtesy: Getty



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    A Brave-heart Who is Modest

    He doesn’t fear adversity or competition because he knows his self-worth. He is comfortable in his skin and with his capabilities. At the same time, a real man would never shy from inviting cooperation or asking questions when he doesn’t know the answer. Image Courtesy: Getty



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    A Supporter Who is Strict

    He is always there for his spouse, his children, his family, and his friends. He supports them in the positive way. A real man never tolerates unhealthy behaviour and puts his foot down firmly. Image Courtesy: Getty



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    An Entrepreneur Who is Honest

    He turns his inheritance 10 times and makes a fortune for himself but he is never dishonest in his business. His character remains intact because he does things straight forward and upfront. A real man is also loyal and respectful to his personal relations. Image Courtesy: Getty



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    A Planner with Spontaneity

    A real man always has a plan about what he wants and how to go for it. He develops a structure from which to act, and gets better with every successful step. But, what if his plan fails? He makes a new one in no time. Image Courtesy: Getty



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    A Tough Guy Who has a Soft Heart

    He is on the level all the time. He keeps his cool in stressful times. A real man bends to let the adversity pass but he doesn’t break under dire circumstances. The tougher he is against life, the softer he is towards people he loves and goes beyond limits to protect them. Image Courtesy: Getty



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    A Disciplinarian with a Sense of Humour

    He is chivalrous and a moralist. He will open the door out of respect and appreciation and not because he feels he has to or because she can’t. A real man has a great sense of timing which he applies working against deadlines. But he never forgets to crack a joke to lighten things up. Image Courtesy: Getty



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    A Taker Who Knows the Art of Giving

    He is not afraid of winning and embraces success with open arms. But, he also values the growth that comes with losing. When success comes his way, a real man lets others to benefit from it too. And also, wants others to succeed. Image Courtesy: Getty

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