Ten Kinds of Sex that Every Man Craves

By:Arka Roy Chowdhury, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Mar 15, 2014

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Men like to play out various kinds of sex, there is a different thrill attached with each. Here are ten such sex men craves for.
  • 1

    Best Form of Sex

    There is just one type of sex for most people, the sex that is best served when hormones are raging, and it is as simple as that. But hormones rage not only on the comfort of your silk, muslin bed sheets, it can rage anywhere at any given situation. But somehow we sideline these other instances of cravings and only very mindfully reply to the ones that are considered right. But the truth is that men sometimes secretly fantasize having other types of sex, by that we mean opportunities of sex at various situations. Here are ten kinds of sex guys would love to experience.

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    The Make up Sex

    This is considered to be the best sex of all times, occurs after you have fought with your partner. When you are fighting with your partner you tend to drift away from him or her, there is a lot of back words used, bad things said, and it is generally very terrible. After this, comes the time when you are in the lookout to experience the old love with this person, there is a hungry desperation to own your partner once again in love. That is your make up sex, and boy, it is something!

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  • 3

    Rough Sex

    You can blame this partly onto the blue films that are so readily available these days, but rough sex is what some men crave. Men like the idea of owning a woman in bed, they like it when their partners give up in their arms. Also, a little aggression in bed can prove to be very raunchy and very hot, it will be redefining passion for you and your partner.

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  • 4

    A Quickie

    In between the first half and the second half of a working day comes the lunch hour and it is a good time to get it on. Men are creatures who like to have sex and that’s the truth and also they have sex on their minds most times. So, in between all the hustle bustle of their daily lives, they like to get some action out of the blue! It makes men more focused in their work, it really does!

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  • 5

    Loud Sex

    It is always a definite turn on when there is a lot of moaning and groaning happening, so ladies you should let it out! Let go of yourself just one time and see how your man gets turned on, it is the belief that the woman is having a great time that gets a man inspired and gets him happy. He is ecstatic and he wants you real bad now.

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  • 6

    All Day in Bed

    Yes we know how insensitive men are, but come on; every now and then even they like to get real intimate. So, your man might like a sex marathon. Just the man and woman and the house that is locked from the insides, and you are ready. Just take a day off and spend the entire time in bed and you can break all records of the number of times that you have had sex. Go on and on until there is nothing left but to sleep!

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  • 7

    Bathroom Sex

    This is yet another man fantasy that every man would love. Bathroom sex is by far one the most common fantasies of men. There is something about water dripping down her soft skin and the soapy feeling of skin rubbing against each other, and of course the sloppy kiss. Bathroom sex cannot be denied!

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  • 8

    Role Play Sex

    Every man has had crushes, the English teacher from school, the neighbour’s hot daughter, the beautiful nurse who injected the man as a young boy and more. Your man is still burning with desire for all of them secretly, and you can help him by role playing. You be the teacher, the nurse, the neighbour, and all that, and watch him go insane.

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  • 9

    Kinky Sex

    Yes, some men are weird enough to like it kinky. There is a lot of trust required for kinky sex; you need to really trust each other and have faith. All the tying up, blindfolding, the spanking and what not needs to be limited. Anything that goes over the board can be dangerous. So, kinky sex it is!

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  • 10

    Passionate Sex

    If your man loves you he would love intimacy and passionate sex is what he would die for. He wants to see it in your eyes, he wants to make you cry for more, he wants to give you all the pleasure that you deserve. This usually happen when you have not done it for quite some time for whatever reasons there may be, and now that you meet each other it needs to be good.

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  • 11

    Romantic Sex

    This type of sex is the one where in both of you are relaxed and have enough time for each other and you can make love more than have sex for hours. It is time to enjoy each other’s bodies more than having intercourse. The foreplay in this type of sex knows no end, so the man can do it all with her erogenous zones!

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