10 Important life lessons Dr APJ Abdul Kalam taught us

By:Vasudha Bhat, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Jul 28, 2015

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He may not be with us today, but his words are etched for eternity. Let’s learn and share the pearls of his wisdom.
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    You will be missed

    The evening of July 27th, 2015 was going to be no usual evening at the Rajiv Gandhi Indian Institute of Management (RG-IIM), Shillong. It was all set for the fount of knowledge, Dr A P J Abdul Kalam, to deliver lecture on sustainable development to over 135 students of the institute. But, destiny had something different in store. Around 6:30 p.m., as Dr Kalam clicked past the first two slides, he collapsed. The following 75 minutes brought news that shook the nation. “All efforts were made but Dr APJ Abdul Kalam could not be revived,” the Bethany Hospital representative said in a statement.

    He may not be with us today, but his words of wisdom will keep the wings of fire burning for many generations.

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    You must have dreams

    Dr Kalam always believed that in order to see your dreams come true, you first need to have a dream to pursue. He claimed that a dream however impossible brought one close to making it possible, but it was essentially required for one to possess the dream.

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    The three keys to a corruption-free country must play their part

    Showing his faith in three key societal members, Dr Kalam firmly believed that the father, the mother and the teacher have a humungous role to play in making a difference to the nation. He taught us that a country can only become a nation of beautiful minds if these members play their part correctly.

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    Have courage to think differently

    Dr Kalam was and will be an inspiration for the youth. He motivated us all to build courage—the courage to think differently, to invent, to travel the unexplored path, to discover the impossible and most importantly, to overcome problems.

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    Devotion is necessary

    Dr Kalam always wanted people of his nation to succeed in their mission. And, his mantra for success was single-minded devotion to the goal. He stressed that to be devoted, is to bear fruits of success.

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  • 6

    A leader must be visionary and passionate

    Dr Kalam gave an incredible definition of a leader. He said that a leader must have vision and passion and he must not be afraid of obstacles that will inevitably cross his path. A successful leader is one who knows how to overcome his problems.

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    Difficulties help you enjoy success

    Dr Kalam's suggestion to someone who has continually failed in his efforts is to never give up. It is through difficulties and failure that one truly enjoys the fruits of his labour. He advised people of the nation to beat their difficulties raw.

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    The whole universe works to give you the best

    Dr Kalam always went out of his way to fill the lives of hard workers and dreams a life of positivity. He assured us that the road to success isn’t a lonely one. In fact, the whole universe is with us and it brings the best to people who chase their dreams.

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    Great dreams will always find a way

    A great dreamer himself, Dr Kalam believed that great dreams of great dreamers are always transcended.

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  • 10

    A better tomorrows comes from today

    Dr Kalam propagated building of a better tomorrow. He has time and again asked the people of his nation to sacrifice their today so that our children can have a better tomorrow.

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  • 11

    God helps those who help themselves

    Dr Kalam was very clear on this principle. He believed that god only helps those who work hard and head strong towards their goal, and not someone who broods over his life doing nothing.

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