10 Health Mistakes that Everyone Makes

By:Meenakshi Chaudhary, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Jul 16, 2014

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Are you worried about your health and still follow bad habits that harm? Simple habits from your daily routine can harm your health without even letting you know about it. These are some health mistakes you should avoid.
  • 1

    Bad Habits

    A bad habit may not necessarily look bad. It can be something that may appear normal and completely harmless. However, over time such practice of the habit can cause some damage to your health. Here are some of the bad health habits that you should avoid. Image Courtesy: Getty

  • 2

    Compromising Sleep

    Your days might be so busy that you would wish for more than 24 hours in a day but it doesn’t mean that you should compromise your sleep. Sleeping less can affect your fitness, mood as well as your overall health. Make sure you get ample sleep daily or be ready to feel fatigued and tired throughout the next day. Image Courtesy: Getty

  • 3

    Skipping Meals

    Food is the fuel your body runs on. Moreover, your body would need refuelling at regular intervals to stay energised. Skipping meals will drain more energy out of your body to do tasks. Always take your meals seriously because they are your cue to a healthy body. Image Courtesy: Getty

  • 4

    Skipping Medicines

    Medication is one such thing that is often taken casually once the symptoms of the disease are gone. Most of us either forget to take our medications on time or stop taking them all of a sudden. Discontinuing medication suddenly can trigger a recurrence of the disease or cause other complications. Image Courtesy

  • 5

    Living With TV

    If you spend several hours infront of the telly, you also probably miss the health benefits of engaging in physical activities. Moreover, the TV takes even more of our sleep time, making things outrageously worse. Image Courtesy

  • 6

    Loud Music

    It’s easy to understand that you like listening to your favourite band or artist. However, listening to music that is too loud can be harmful for your ears. Make sure that you keep the volume low enough to be able to hear sounds from around you, especially when walking on the road. Image Courtesy : Getty


  • 7

    Not Flossing

    Do you brush your teeth daily and perfect your smile with teeth whiteners? That is a good habit as long as it’s accompanied by regular flossing. If you have a habit of skipping the floss, you are allowing germs to cause damage to your gums. Image Courtesy: Getty

  • 8

    Worrying Too Much

    Worrying too much may not be a choice for you but it can be harmful for your health. Stop worrying about everything and everyone. You cannot do everything right and you can’t keep everyone happy. Image Courtesy : Getty Images

  • 9

    Big Handbag

    Love your handbags? It’s common for women to prefer big handbags as they allow them to keep everything from mobile phone and wallet to makeup kits and laptop. However, carrying such a heavy load daily can lead to back and neck problems. Images Courtesy: Getty


  • 10

    Driving With Windows Down

    It may feel great to enjoy the breeze while driving with the windows down, however it can be a bad choice considering the amount of toxins you might be inhaling. Driving with windows down through heavy traffic can be even more dangerous. Image Courtesy : Getty

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