Amazing benefits and uses of turmeric

By:Arka Roy Chowdhury, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Dec 11, 2013

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Turmeric is considered to be the queen of spices given all the ways it helps your health. Know the top ways in which Turmeric can benefit your health.
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    Queen of Spices

    Often referred to as the “Queen of Spices” the turmeric is commonly known as “Haldi” in India. It has a pepper like aroma, sharp taste and golden colour, and people across the globe use it for cooking. What are its health benefits?

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    Prevents Cancer

    Turmeric is great and can prevent prostate cancer. It is believed to stop the growth of existing prostate cancer and even destroy the cancer cells. Also, when it comes to radiation tumors researchers have shown that components in turmeric make it one of the best protectors against it.

  • 3

    Relieves Arthritis

    Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties that are great for treating both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. The antioxidant property also destroys free radicals in the body that damage the body cells. One suffering from rheumatoid arthritis should consume turmeric on a regular basis.

  • 4

    Controls Diabetes

    Diabetes can also be treated with turmeric as it helps to moderate the insulin levels. It also improves the glucose control and increases effect of medications that are used to treat diabetes. Also, turmeric helps to reduce insulin resistance, thus preventing the onset of Type 2 diabetes.

  • 5

    Reduce Cholesterol Levels

    Researchers have shown how using turmeric as a seasoning for food can be helpful in reducing serum cholesterol levels. High cholesterol levels could lead to serious cardiovascular problems and therefore it is important to maintain it.

  • 6

    Heals Wound

    Turmeric is believed to be a natural anti-septic and therefore can be used to disinfect your wounds effectively. If in case you have a cut or burn you could sprinkle turmeric powder on the affected area in order to speed up the healing process. Turmeric also helps in repairing damaged skin.

  • 7

    Prevents Alzheimer’s

    The inflammation caused in your brain is suspected to be one of the leading causes of cognitive disorders like Alzheimer’s. Turmeric helps to support your overall brain health and this is done by aiding in the removal of plaque build-up in your brain, and also improving the flow of oxygen.

  • 8

    Improves Digestion

    Some of the key components present in turmeric help to stimulate the gallbladder and this leads to them producing bile. Bile in turn improves the digestion process in your body and reduces the symptoms of bloating and gas.

  • 9

    Manages Weight

    When it comes to maintaining an ideal body weight then turmeric powder can be very helpful. Components present in turmeric helps to increase the flow of bile and breaks down dietary fat. Losing weight and treating obesity can be taken care of with one teaspoon of turmeric powder with every meal.

  • 10

    Boosts Immunity

    A substance known as lipopolysaccharide helps to stimulate the body’s immune system. Turmeric has antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal agents that help to strengthen the immune system. Having a strong immune system helps to lessen the chances of colds, flu and coughs.

  • 11

    Prevents Liver Disease

    A natural liver detoxifier, the liver detoxifies blood through the production of enzymes and turmeric increases production of vital enzymes. These vital enzymes break down and reduce toxins in the body.

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