10 Different Types of Kisses

By:Bhadra Kamalasanan, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Jan 09, 2014

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Kiss is a very crucial element of our intimate lives. Here are the 10 different types of kiss that you never had a name for.
  • 1

    Takes Two to Kiss

    A kiss is a drop of dew on the cheeks of a cold winter morning. It is that subtle expression of intimate love that falls freely from a significant other’s lips. You know the French one and the cheek one but do you know there are about 15 kinds?

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  • 2

    The Butterfly Kiss

    This kiss is delicate and cute. To butterfly kiss your partner, make sure your faces are less than a breath away. Open and close the eyelids against the partner’s and you would feel your heart fluttering with joy.

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  • 3

    The Cheek Kiss

    The cheek kiss is the best “I like you” symbol that you can find. You’d find yourself skipping a beat when the boy or girl you have been crushing on comes over and bends to plant the kiss on your cheek. Another intimate way to blow a cheek kiss if you are a male is to put your hands around the girls shoulder and softly touch her cheeks with your lips. And, babies love the cheek kiss!

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  • 4

    The Eskimo Kiss

    We bet you would have enjoyed the Eskimo kiss when you were in school without realizing it is an expression of subtle intimacy. The Eskimo kiss involves two people standing so close to each other as to hear one another’s breath. Nothing works more romantically than altering the tune of breathing by rubbing each other’s nose.

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  • 5

    The Eye Kiss

    This is not the eyeball kiss that will put you at risk of infections, but one that is many times tender and soulful. Hold your partner’s head with your hands. Slowly move their head in the direction that you want to kiss and when your lips have reached the eyes, plant a kiss.

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  • 6

    The Eyelid Kiss

    This is a very intimate kiss that your partner would probably never come to know of unless they are awake. So, as it is clear already, the eyelid kiss is done when the partner is either sleeping or has his/her eyes shut.  When your partner is in such a position, gently kiss the spot below their brow bone.

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  • 7

    The Earlobe Kiss

    This kiss may not be liked overtly by a lot of people, so if you want to be sure that your partner would not mind it, gently plant kisses on their cheeks and move towards the earlobe. Now, gently sip and suck on the earlobes. Try not to make loud sucking noises because the ears are sensitized noise detectors.

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  • 8

    The Finger Kiss

    You may already have done this with your partner without really knowing that it is a type of kiss in itself. The finger kiss involves gently rubbing the partner’s fingers and sucking on them. This can be surprisingly seductive and deeply passionate.

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  • 9

    The Forehead Kiss

    This is another type of kiss that most couples share. It is also referred to as the motherly kiss. This type of kiss can be intimate and at the same time comforting to anyone, be it your romantic partner, sister, mother or friend. All it needs you to do is just brush your lips across the crown of the person’s head.

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  • 10

    The Fruity Kiss

    To do the fruity kiss, take a small piece of any fruit and place it between your partner’s lips. Now, start nibbling half of the fruit and let your partner nibble the other half of the fruit. This can prove to be a fun activity that may snowball into being passionate with the juice of the fruit running into both of your mouth.

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  • 11

    The Hand Kiss

    This kiss was historically done with bow to show deference to a lady. To do it, gently raise your partner’s hand close to your lips and lightly brush the lips across the top of their hand.

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