10 Awesome Non-cheesy Valentine's Day Ideas

By:Vasudha Bhat, Onlymyhealth Editorial Team,Date:Feb 10, 2015

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Stuffing your Valentine’s Day with all the sentimental stuff is for a usual couple. But, if you are not those lovey-dovey kinds here are some not-so mushy yet, fun ideas for your Valentine’s Day.
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    For a Non-cheesy Valentine's

    Valentine’s Day is that time of the year when gooey lovers reach their heights of cheesiness. But, there are people around who like to celebrate the day without indulging in any mushy activities. So, skip the candlelight dinner, roses and boxes of chocolates and apply the following unique ideas to make your Valentine’s free from all the stickiness.

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    Indoor Picnic

    Instead of going out to a restaurant where you share the little space with other lovestruck couples and has a pre-fixed menu at atrocious price, stay indoors and plan a picnic. Cook food and decorate your picnic carpet with fancy accouterments.

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    Camping may not come handy all the time. Mosquito bites, bug sprays and uncomfortable toilet conditions may not be what you are looking for on Valentine’s Day. So, why not add some glamour to camping, making it a "glamping’’? Pitch a tent in the backyard and light up a fireplace. Arrange for a sleeping bag and get  cozy.

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    Roller Skating

    Roller skating is a unique idea to spend your Valentine’s Day. Instead of doing all the sentimental stuff, add a fun factor to your day. You may go skating in an arcade or buy a personal space for skating for just the two of you.

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    Although it is true that there is nothing romantic about bowling, c’mon, it is undoubtedly fun. You can have a bowling match with your partner and grab your favourite snack to make things interesting. You could also plan for a steamy prize with your Valentine.

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    Comedy Show

    What is better than sharing a laugh with the most special person in your life? Arrange a place for two in a laughter show or turn on the internet for some  episodes of a laughter show to tickle your bones.

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    Hot Yoga

    To make your Valentine’s steamy, arrange a place for the two of you for a "hot yoga’’ session. The flow of the poses in the heated room will increase your blood flow and boost your endorphins. The best part about a hot yoga session is that a shower is necessary. So, make it a shower for two.

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    Salsa Dancing

    Salsa is super romantic and it adds a fun element to your V-day plan. Enroll in a salsa class and right before your romantic candlelight dinner, surprise your partner with your moves.

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