Healing by Crystals

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Feb 02, 2013

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India is the land of mysticism, where certain things that peer-reviewed journals scoff at are taken not just seriously, but also adhered to with religious fervour. Feng shui, tarot, astrology, and several kinds of alternate therapy flourish in our country. And with good reason, several people who have tried these alternate therapies have benefited greatly from them. The focus of this article is one of those alternate therapies - crystal therapy.

Crystal therapy is a method of healing in which healing is performed by the use of crystals placed on or around the body. Crystal therapy is said to have its origins in ancient Egypt and is even supposed to be mentioned in the Ayurveda. The practitioner places crystals on different parts of the body, often corresponding to the chakras, or places crystals around the body to construct an “energy grid”, which is believed to surround the person with healing energy. The healing is supposed to remove blockages in the body's electromagnetic field or the aura.

The colour of the stones placed in the area of a particular chakra corresponds to the colour associated with that particular chakra. According to a practitioner quoted on a health website, going from the tail bone to the top of the head, the colours are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. Different stones are believed to have different healing vibrations, and therefore a treatment based on the type of stone is also practised in some cases. Many practitioners also use tools such as crystal wands, which are placed near the person’s body, or near a particular ‘blocked’ chakra. Wands are also used in performing what is known as “psychic surgery”, normally conducted with laser quartz wands.

Many people carry crystals with them so that they can be surrounded by the healing power of the crystal at all times and to attract positive events and interactions with others.. Says Bharti, a resident of Chandigarh who always wears a crystal around her neck, “I have found the use of crystal therapy very useful and I always wear it around my neck, and I have felt the positive difference it has made in my life.”

So, if you want some healing, try Crystal therapy and find out how it benefits you!



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