Gum Disease delays Pregnancy

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Aug 25, 2011

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Gum Disease delays Pregnancy

Ever wondered why is it taking so much time for you to conceive despite the fact that you are perfectly healthy? Well, researchers at the University of Western Australia are of the opinion that gum disease increases the amount of time that a woman takes to conceive. For the research, a group of 3416 pregnant women was studied with particular emphasis on the period before they got pregnant.

Suring the study it was found that women who had gum disease and especially periodontal disease took an average of two months more that women without any form of gum disease, to conceive. These women took seven months to conceive and women without periodontal disease took five months to conceive. The effect of periodontal disease was more pronounced on non-Caucasian women. They took nearly a year to conceive.

Earlier researches have showcased the effects of periodontal disease on labour and miscarriages, diabetes and heart and respiratory problems. This is the first time that a direct link between gum disease and the ability to conceive has been established.

Periodontal disease afflicts people when the bacteria present in the mouth cause inflammation. Periodontal disease is a chronic disease. Therefore, if you are planning to get pregnant, make a dentist’s appointment first to check for any gum disease. Also remember, that oral hygiene is a must!


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