Guide to Ruin your Relationship

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Dec 05, 2011

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Guide to ruin your relationship

If you have gone into a rut with your relationships more than once, it is probable that you have mastered the art of ruining a relationship. You are most probably good at one of the following which help you wreck your relationship so successfully:


Not taking responsibility for your feelings

If you do not take responsibility for your emotions along with the sense of security, it is a pretty good approach for getting your relation in a rut. Make sure that you feel so empty inside that to fill the void; sex and other things of temporary relief are needed more and more. The best you can do is to get the attention of someone other than your partner.


Stop talking

Just as not being able to stop talking is the sign of a good upcoming relationship, conversely, not talking at all is a sign of a relationship turning for the worse. By talking, it is implied the honest to heart chats you used to have before your relationship. So, ignore that as much as possible and you will end your relationship for sure.


Have unreasonably high expectations of your partner

Build up your expectations from your partner so high that he or she is unable to live up to them. Of course, when that happens, you can improve your chances by criticising, belittling, debating, lecturing, chastising, ignoring or threatening of consequences. Keep your partner guilty for failing to provide for your concerns of safety and security in the relationship. Insist on the partner always approving of what you say with unconditional devotion.


Feel a victim

As soon as there is some emotional problem in your relationship, blame it all on your partner and constantly grow aloof. Think and behave in a way that makes you feel the victim of the partner’s choices. Always win an argument by stressing your point, or better still, just give up on it. Best way to be a victim.

Other ways of running your relationship are:

  • Do not take your partners’ suggestions or ideas.
  • Begin conversations only when your partner feels exhausted or is busy.
  • Give preference to your friends before your partner.
  • Do not listen to your partner when talking and pretend that you are not listening.
  • When your partner is apologising, bring up more complaints.
  • Advice your partner to take counselling while holding fast to the belief that you are right in feeling a victim.


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