Greater awareness about HIV-AIDS helps Reports

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May 23, 2013

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Reports indicate that HIV rate in Mumbai and Maharashtra has decreased in comparison to the past few years. The Mumbai District Aids Control Division has released statistics of the past four  years, which say there is greater awareness among people  about AIDS and its harmful effects.


The reason why  HIV rates have fallen is because of the increase in the use of condoms and their availability has increased significantly among high- risk groups like sex workers and transgenders. Even though the number of new HIV infections is decreasing, there are two new HIV infections for every person starting HIV treatment. Investments in HIV prevention programmes as whole have not been adequate or efficiently allocated. The report found that more people are living longer and AIDS-related deaths are declining as access to treatment has expanded.


Daisy Gangurde, director of Alert India, the NGO working for HIV-AIDS informs, "Though there are reports stating that  HIV rates have fallen down, I think the HIV rate is still the same with the high risk  affected for the past few years."


Below are the given figures:


Year           HIV Test             Test Positive    Percentage
                      People               People


2005             99,392               92,904                  92.98
2006           1,35,454              14,979                  10.46
2007           1,73,016              18,425                  10.67
2008           1,60,499              96,783                  10.46
2009           1.93,275              16,016                  8.29
2010 (Oct)   1,87,967              13,226                  7.04



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