Grapefruit Diet Plan

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Dec 07, 2011

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Grapefruit diet planSticking to a grapefruit diet plan can actually help you in knocking off those extra kilos really fast. The challenge, however, lies in incorporating sufficient varieties into the diet plan so that sticking to it on a regular basis doesn’t seem herculean. For slow starters, inclusion of grape fruit in some form into their diet could be a major step towards healthy eating. Once the tastes have been developed, switching to a full-fledged grapefruit oriented diet plan would seem more probable. 


The Inclusions in a Grapefruit Diet Plan

A typical grapefruit diet plan would include:


  • Breakfast: The morning meal could comprise of either half a grapefruit or about 8 ounces of sugar-free grape juice. This can be combined with a couple of bacon slices and 2 eggs (scrambled, boiled or fried). If your cholesterol is running high, stick to egg white instead of whole eggs.
  • Lunch: Lunch must include a full blown salad along with unlimited quantity of meat or fish, whichever titillates your taste buds more. Of course, half a grapefruit or 8 ounces of unsweetened grape juice would have to be included as well.
  • Dinner: For dinner, salad might be substituted with some cooked veggies. Meat or fish can be consumed as per one’s choice. The quantity of grapefruit or grapefruit juice remains just the same as breakfast and lunch.
  • Supper: Supper could consist of 8 ounces of fatless milk or an equal volume of unsweetened grape juice.

A typical grapefruit diet plan is scheduled to last for a period of 12 days. If you feel that sticking to a strict diet regime of this kind for 12 long days could be a problem, gradual beginnings can probably simplify matters for you. For instance, instead of starting off on a diet right away, you can start by taking grapefruit as a standard inclusion in your daily breakfast. This will ensure that you start receiving the goodness of the fruit and do not get bored of over consumption at the same time. Similarly, grapefruit can be gradually introduced into the main meals of the day.


If you are wondering whether a grapefruit diet plan is truly worth the effort, it indeed is. Grape fruits are rich in fiber and relieve constipation. Furthermore, they are truly low on calories and therefore, great diet food option. They are also rich sources of Vitamin C and A and should definitely be consumed as often as possible.


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