Grab your Ticket to Togetherness

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Aug 03, 2012

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Sex on a vacation may sound like a cliché, but it is so because it is true. This, however, doesn’t mean that you have to escape to a romantic hangout. While there is a chance that any romantic trip together can turn you on, going on a trip that is tailored keeping your shared interests in mind can draw both of you together even more. Take a look at these trips that can set you on a trip to togetherness.


Grab your Ticket to TogethernessCasa Morada, Islamorada, Fla is the Place to Be!

When we were looking for a more intimate place to hang out, Casa Morada matched our criteria. Staying at a tiny boutique hotel on the water can help you and your partner escape almost anything you want to escape. Kindle the relationship spark by either cuddling in the hotel’s private gazebo or watching the Key’s sunsets.


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Hilton Papgayo Resort and Spa, Costa Rica


You will find this to be home to adventure in the form of horseback riding, surfing, etc. If you find yourself feeling unusually brace, you may try your hand at trekking to the summit of one of the volcanoes in the area. This province can tickle your nerves because according to experts, adrenaline rushes are sexually arousing and can prove fruitful in setting your goal of a twosome trip right.


International House, New Orleans

If you want to dance and your partner wants to taste lip-smacking local food, the best place to head to would be the International House that is situated two blocks from the historic French Quarter where you can grab two seats at the Creole restaurants and rock the evening out at jazz clubs. According to experts, human beings are attracted to fellow human beings through all their senses and therefore, experiencing new sounds and tastes can help in enhancing the sexual experience.


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Harbor Court Hotel, San Francisco

The Kimpton Hotel in the South of the Market area is a quick walk to the Cartoon Art Museum and Museum of Modern Art among several other cultural hangouts. If you and your partner share a little something for art and indigenous culture, Harbor Court Hotel and its vicinity is the place to be. You can grab hold of handiwork of artisans and local farmers at the Ferry Building Market Place. According to experts, exploring new things together that are culturally rich, you can revive the first date vibes.


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