Good Sleep is the Secret of Women’s Beauty!

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Apr 15, 2014

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Cosmetics and beauty products can help women camouflage their skin’s flaws, but there aren’t many products that help you get a natural glow and freshness in your skin.

womens beauty secretGood sleep is a woman's best kept beauty secret! If you get enough sleep, it can work wonders for your beauty. The myriad of benefits of a good night’s sleep for women; it delays premature ageing, prevents the appearance of under-eye dark circles, prevent hair loss, keeps the skin radiant and helps skin rejuvenate.

According to the famous celebrity make-up artist, Jenni Shaw, the cosmetics can spruce up a person’s looks. Make-up products and procedures can create a range of illusions that modify a person’s appearance and may have after effects after a time. There’s nothing better than a sound sleep.

On the other hand, sleep deprivation can have such a negative impact on your appearance. The regular use of make-up products can make skin dull and grey. Insufficient amount of sleep can result in blemishes on the face, dark circles surrounding the eye or give you problem of dry patches.

The secret to flawless and glowing skin is not make-up, nor beauty products but beauty sleep.



(Source:India Today)

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