A Good Night's Rest Cuts Prostate Cancer Risk

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Jan 23, 2014

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A study led by scientists at the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston suggests that high level of sleep hormone 'cuts cancer risk by 75%'.

sleep prostate cancerScientists tested the melatonin levels of 928 men, and examined them over seven years. In that time, 111 were diagnosed with prostate cancer, including 24 who had advanced cancer.

They observed that who had high levels of the sleep hormone melatonin were 75 percent less likely to develop an advanced form of prostate cancer.

The sleep hormone 'melatonin' is produced by our body when it is dark. It helps to regulate our sleep cycle and affects many functions tied to the body’s 24-hour clock, or circadian rhythm. Those with too little melatonin tend to have trouble getting to sleep and wake up in the night.

According to study leader, Sarah Markt, sleep loss and other factors can influence the amount of melatonin secretion or block it altogether. She added that health problems associated with low melatonin, disrupted sleep and disruption of the circadian rhythm are broad, including a potential risk factor for cancer.


(Source: Daily Mail)



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