Glowing Skin attracts Women to Men

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Feb 29, 2012

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Women glow skinA healthy glowing skin colour is more likely to impress women than masculine features like arm muscles. University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus researchers came to this conclusion after presenting 34 Caucasian and 41 black African men faces to a group of women, wherein golden colour skin of men toppled rugged jaw line.

In order to measure the skin complexion/colour of faces, all the snaps were captured in controlled conditions. Moreover, a mathematical computer technique was used to rate masculinity of faces.

Ian Stephen, who headed the research, revealed findings to the Daily Mail. He underlined that attractive colour of the face is a reflection of our health, which we receive from fruit and vegetables. He also ruled out that there is no correlation between masculinity of the face and skin colour.

Anti-oxidant carotenoid pigments in fruits and vegetables are responsible for glowing skin complexion, which also boost immunity and streamlines functionality of reproductive system. Furthermore, these pigments improve the probability of healthy fertility, in context of evolution.

Ian Stephen research confirmed that inclusion of fruit and vegetables in dietary schedules brightens skin colour, increasing your chances to get attracted to opposite sex in comparison to a tan/dark coloured men. In this manner, being healthy could be one of the easy ways to improve skin complexion and enhance quotient of attractiveness.



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