Getting a Divorce Hard on your Finances

By  , ANI
May 09, 2013

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Getting a Divorce Hard on your Finances

A research suggests that divorcing your spouse can be a very expensive affair. Market research firm IBISWorld identified the key sectors that benefit heavily from separations. These include legal services, counsellors, childcare, online dating sites and wedding services for remarriage.

IBISWorld (Australia)’s general manager, Karen Dobie said that the average cost of a straight divorce was 3600-dollar-per-couple, while a contested divorce costed around 10,000 dollars. The research found that the number of divorces in Australia rose from 47,209 a year to 51,311 in the past five years, and the cost of separation increased by 13.5 per cent, which now stands at 184.1 million dollars.

According to the research, divorce accounted for about 6 per cent of the personal legal services industry, which generated annual revenue of about 185 million dollars.



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