Genital Warts: When to seek Medical Help?

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Aug 12, 2011

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Genital Warts When to seek Medical Help

Genital warts can affect both men and women. It is a common sexually transmitted disease and some experts are of the opinion that it is ever more common than genital herpes. Following are some reasons why you should seek medical attention for genital warts:


  • If you suspect that you have genital warts, consult your healthcare practitioner to confirm the diagnosis and discuss treatment options.
  • If you or your partner have bumps or warts in the genital area, or other symptoms such as itching, discharge, or abnormal vaginal bleeding.
  • If the warts bleed profusely, or the bleeding cannot be controlled with direct pressure.
  • If the wart obstructs the urethral opening and makes it difficult for you to urinate.
  • If your current or past sexual partner, has genital warts. You need medical attention to confirm if you have contracted the infection.
  • If a young child has genital warts (it may be due to sexual abuse).


For women with genital warts, the doctor may recommend Pap smear test. The test is recommended as it can detect vaginal and cervical cancer in their early stages. Cervical cancer is a leading and possibly fatal complication of genital HPV infection. The cells which are obtained as sample from the cervix are checked under a microscope for abnormalities. Experts recommend regular Pap smear tests for women to help detect changes of cervical cancer in early stages.

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