4 cardio workouts that will burn more calories than running

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Jul 20, 2017

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Quick Bites

  • Cardio is best for a healthy heart.
  • There are many effective cardio workouts other than running. 
  • Swimming is the best cardio exercise ever.

Cardio is the way to stay heart and healthy, literally! Yes, for a better heart health and a toned body, cardio is what you go for. However, when cardio is being mentioned, all people could think of is running while whereas there are many cardio exercises that can give you better results than running. 


Swimming is a great cardio exercise and is very beneficial compared to the other cardio exercises as it requires the body to physically move through water. This full body work out is suitable for people suffering from back problem, knee problems or arthritis. 30 minutes of breast stroke can approximately burn up to 400 calories.

  • Swimming increases cardio conditioning as it works the whole body making the body use energy from every source possible.
  • It improves flexibility and the whole stretching all throughout the session.
  • It’s a safe exercise and it can help recover from old injuries as the density ratio on the joints and muscles are not taking the impact unlike the land exercises.
  • It builds lean muscles mass and helps in working on your hips, back and arms making your legs harder. The resistance in the water is 12 times more compared to land. Therefore the body has to work 12 times harder.


This stationary or outdoors exercise is a good cardio workout depending on the resistance and speed you add. Biking can reduce 250 to 500 calories in 30 minutes. This is not only great for the environment it also offers many health benefits.

  • It lowers the blood pressure, and makes the lungs strong.
  • It keeps you in great shape and manages the weight.
  • It is good for boosting your mood as it reduces the levels of stress and elevates self esteem. 
  • It tones and strengthens the muscles of your lower body.


This is a high-intensity workout which moves to a simulate music. It can be a challenging bike ride and includes uphill, valleys with varying speeds and is head by a group instructor.

  • A good lower body exercise.
  • Strengthens the lower body muscles.
  • Builds muscles mass, endurance and bone density.
  • Make sure you are wearing a good pair of shoes.
  • Do these exercises on alternate days.

Elliptical trainer 

It is an excellent cardio exercises and a good way to build endurance and protects the joints from high impact. A 65 kg person can burn about 300 calories in 30 minutes.

  • Use the arms which gives the same effect as a cross country skiing.
  • It can be done every day.
  • A good overall workout.
  • Builds endurance and conditions heart and lungs.
  • Good for managing weight.

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