The Foods that Help you Gain Weight

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May 09, 2013
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Quick Bites

  • You need to consume more than you expending.
  • Maintaining a consistent and proper meal schedule are the essentials.
  • Eat snacks between meals such as nuts, apples and cheese.
  • Proteins are the most nutritious supplement when it comes to gaining weight.


One must realise the benefits of ideal weight, foremost being healthy being. Among all methods to gain weight, intake of appropriate foods and structuring a dietary plan is the essence.

Foods for Weight Gain

In order to put on weight and bulking up, appropriate calorie intake is necessary. In this quest, one should include high protein foods, high carbohydrates and healthy fats to everyday meals. Weight gain also becomes an elementary aspect when one needs healthy lean muscle mass.



Proteins are the most nutritious supplement when it comes to gaining weight. Therefore, a large part of the diet should come from protein sources such as red meat, fish, eggs, chicken and protein supplements like whey proteins and soy protein.


Carbohydrates and fats

In addition to appropriate intake of proteins, nutritional elements such as carbohydrates and fats should also be consumed in right quantity. Rich sources of carbohydrates such as oatmeal, whole grain cereals, fruits, green vegetables and legumes should feature in a diet plan. Moreover, consumption of fats such as dry fruits, peanuts, low fat milk and olive oil are essential for weight gain. Ideally, consumption of these healthy fats should be 10 per cent in the plan to increase weight.



Along with a nutritious diet, one can eat snacks between meals. Baked potato chips, nuts, apples, cheese and dried foods are all weight gain foods. Moreover, intake of chocolates, dressings and spreads helps in gaining calories.


Meal replacements

Generally, meal replacements are not considered as a medium to gain weight. A great food to gain weight, these are pre-packaged powdered drink mixes that are mixed with water, milk, or juice. These are a rich source of protein along with vitamins and minerals. Besides, these are low in fat and low in carbohydrates.


Calorie intake

There are no other options for putting on weight apart from consuming excessive energy than expending. As every human has a different capacity of calories consumption and metabolism, calorie intake differs for everyone. The challenge before people with a desire to gain weight is the calculation of optimum number of calorie intake. There are several formulas based on weight / age besides activity undertaken during the day for calculation of calorie consumption.


Meal frequency

Maintaining a consistent and proper meal schedule along with intake of weight gain foods are the essentials of weight gain exercise. Alternatively to 3 large meals per day with a few snacks, one can go for 5 to 6 small meals a day, the time interval between these meals being 3 hours for proper digestion. These meals should have well-distributed proportions of fruits and vegetables for weight gain implications.




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  • Arka11 Feb 2013
    I am 24 years. My weight is 56 kgs and height is 5'8". What should be a combination of diet and food that I should follow to increase my weight.
  • binod kumar22 Nov 2012
    Hi I am binod kumar i am unmarried and i am 24 year old (average height 5 7') i am so lean and thin. plz suggest me how to gain weight. Thanks
  • amrietaa04 Nov 2012
    i am amrietaa. i am seeking profeesional dancing and i train for 6 hours minimum everyday. i am 17 and my weight is 42. my seniors want me to gain weight.i look skinny. i need to gain a bit of muscle too to be able to tone my body. pls recommend something. i am a vegetarian
  • saurabhbhu07 Oct 2012
    hi i am saurabh my weight is 45 and my age is 24 ,comparatively it is not good so i request to you give suggestion ,how can i increase my health and body weight .
  • hashir22 Sep 2012
    hello i want to put on weight ........what are the ways to put on weight?
  • Anchali20 Sep 2012
    hi i am just 22yrs old and my weight is 37. pls help i want to increase my weight kindly plz pls help me. suggest me sumthing becoz my boyfriend also dont like me in this stage.
  • kishore kumar18 Sep 2012
    Post your commentTo increase the weight of children 1). Making amelts with only yellow of egg (with ghee or butter) 2). Using butter on bread 3). Giving Dates/Banana after eating dinner or lunch 4). Giving sesame powder or balls to increase bone mass 5). Giving Almonds, Kaju after eating lunch or dinner (better if soaked in water) 6). Giving prawns curry frequently (especially nights) 7). Adding one spoon ghee to lunch, dinner 8). Giving sweets after eating lunch, dinner 9). Drinking
  • brighton chifunda14 Sep 2012
    how can a vegeterian gain wait in the absence of red meat or is there a supplemet to this
  • samreen11 Sep 2012
    i am weight is 44..but i dont look like i am 44..i look vry skinny..please do suggest me a strong diet so that i look healthier within a couple of weeks
  • subhasis mohanty10 Sep 2012
    hi i am subhasis . my age is 41 years. and weight is 43 kg. i want to make it 60 kg. suggest the diat and other steps to increase weight
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    hi i am Parmita. i am married and my age is 29 and my weight is only 46 and my height 5'3 inch. plz suggest me how to increase my weight.Plesae suggest me as soon as possible.I want to put my weight before Puja
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