Foods that ease Menopause Symptoms

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Jan 28, 2013

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Foods that ease Menopause Symptoms

From ancient it is being said that food is our medicine. In fact during the whole phase of life be in good health or in disease or while going through different physiological changes in our body, every phase requires certain foods especially to be eaten at that time. Likewise menopause is a natural process that every women faces as she enters the middle age. Only a small percentage of women do not face many problems otherwise it is quiet stressful stage for many of them.  These symptoms occur due to the depleting levels of estrogen in the body as the organ that produces them is undergoing some changes. Some common menopausal symptoms are hot flushes or commonly known as night sweats, irregular periods, irritability, vaginal dryness, loss of libido, weight gain etc. So here are some foods that help in relieving the menopausal symptoms. However there are chances that some people may be benefitted by them and some may not because of the individual metabolic changes.

Thus here are some foods that help in relieving menopausal symptoms in a natural way without infusing unnecessary chemicals in the body.

Soy and soy products: they not only help in adding fibers and proteins but are also abundant source of antioxidants that help in relieving the menopausal symptoms. Soy can be consumed in any form like either it can be used as tofu or can be used as soy milk or its flour can be added while making chapattis or curries.

Fruits and vegetables: All fruits and vegetables either eaten cooked or raw are the power house of various nutrients. They in addition to various vitamins and minerals also provide antioxidants like phytosterols and phytoestrogens. These phytoestrogens works like estrogens but do not elevate the levels in body. Eating citrus fruits are more beneficial because of their high vitamin C content. Eating a fruit as whole is more beneficial as compare to its juice thus try to have a whole fresh fruit.

Dairy and products: being the abundant source of calcium they are also the super foods that helps in easing out menopausal symptoms. But it is important to avoid the fatty dairies like full cream milk and products but replace them with a lesser fattier choices like skimmed milk, or the curd and paneer made out of it. Especially for those who are experiencing weight gain issues.

Fats: it not at all advisable to cut down fat intake to zero in any diet plan as they are also required for many metabolic processes n out body. It’s only the quantity that matters every time infact the type of fat is equally important. One should consume fats that contains omega-3 fatty acids (found in olive oils, canola oil and other vegetable oils) during or post menopause. One should completely avoid processed foods as they are rich in Trans fatty acids which may elevate the symptoms.

Water: drinking lots of water also helps in relieving symptoms but drinking coffee either hot or cold or soft drinks in name of fluids will do nothing good to your body but only result in weight gain and accelerating other symptoms. Water is necessary to keep body hydrated and to eliminate toxins from the body.



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