Foods and beverages for diabetics

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Jan 12, 2011

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Foods and beverages allowed for diabetics

  • Complex cereals like whole wheat, whole wheat noodles, bajra, jowar, ragi, wheat bran, rice bran, barley etc.
  • Dals and pulses like moong dal, tur dal, rajma moong etc.
  • All vegetables like cabbage, brinjal, cluster beans, spinach, methi etc. except those mentioned in the restricted list like potatoes, yam and sweet potatoes.
  • Low fat diary products like milk, curd, paneer and buttermilk.
  • Fruits with low sugar and high water content like watermelon, pineapple etc.  Have only one serving of fruit at a time. 


These are foods with low glycemic index and hence a large part of your dietshould comprise of these foods.  Foods with a low glycemic index increase the blood sugar gradually and so are good for diabetics.

Foods and beverages restricted for diabetics


These are foods with a high glycemic index and they can escalate blood sugar levels faster than foods with a low glycemic index.  Indulge in thse foods in moderation and only as an occasional treat. 

  • Sugar rich fruits like chickoo, custard apple, grapes and mango.
  • Vegetables such as potatoes, yam, purple yam and sweet potato.
  • Polished rice l Artificial sweeteners l Restrict the intake of fat to 3 teaspoons per day.
  • Cheese
  • Alcohol


Foods and beverages forbidden for diabetics


  • Refined sugar, honey, jaggery, jam and jellies.
  • Deep fried foods like wafers, samosas, farsan etc.
  • High fat salad dressings which use cream, mayonnaise etc.
  • Fruit juices as they rapidly increase the blood sugar levels.  Instead, it is better to have a whole fruit as it contains fibre which is beneficial to regulate your blood sugar levels.
  • Aerated drinks, preserved or canned fruit and fruit squash which contain loads of sugar as preservative.
  • Nuts like dried cashewnuts, almonds etc., as they are high in saturated fat.
  • Sweet meats like peda, barfi etc.
  • Chocolates, puddings and pies, full fat ice-creams, biscuits made with refined flour, high sugar and cream content.


These foods are best avoided as they can only cause harm to your health and have little or no nutritive values.  These can escalate the blood sugar levels almost instantaneously.



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