Food Waste to be Fuel for your Car

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May 15, 2011

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Waste fruitsVery soon the remains of fast food that you used to dispose as garbage will be transformed into fuel for your vehicle. An eco-friendly fuel has been discovered by scientists, produced by extractions from pastries, crisps and other fast food refuse.

Greenergy International, a British fuel supplier which developed this technology, claims that they can extract cooking oil from food waste and process it with diesel to produce a fuel that is environment-friendly. The company produces 10 billion litres of biodiesel and diesel annually and has invested 50 million in its production unit at Lincolnshire for the new fuel. The production facility processes used cooking oils for converting into fuel. This can reduce cost of road travel as up to 30% of some processed foods comprise of used cooking oils.

Chief Executive of Greenergy International, Andrew Owens has stated that they will soon scale up the use of this new technology for producing a significant proportion of their biodiesel. The company has also claimed that this green fuel will start to benefit road travel soon as it will be sold across petrol stations in Britain in a few days.

The food refuse is generally processed by drying and composting followed by anaerobic digestion to produce energy. The firm has claimed that it is set to break the mould and use the food solids to make biomass fuel pallets that can give more fuel for the car in the form of bioethanol.


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